EPT Deauville schedule announced

November 25, 2014

After January in the Bahamas there’s always the danger of feeling a little too relaxed. One minute you’re operating on Island time, wearing a Tommy Bahamas shirt, a pair of sandals and drinking pink drinks. The next you’re still in the shirt in a baggage queue, and still squinting in what is the now imaginary sunshine. It’s not good.

What you need is to be jolted back into the real world. We’re not talking about a steady re-entry, but a short, sharp shock, like tearing off a Band Aid, starting with some sort of treatment involving a blast of invigorating cold air each morning.

Well, you’ll be happy to hear that PokerStars offers this comprehensive service. It’s called “EPT Deauville”.

That’s right. It’s the best cure for a winter of sunshine and sand, turning it into a distant memory as you travel to the windswept shores of Deauville in Normandy, which once again hosts the EPT Festival starting in January.


Deauville Casino looking pretty spectacular

Actually, let’s be clear on a few things.

It’s fair to say that Deauville, which appears on the EPT for a tenth time in 2015, can be a little colder than Paradise Island in January. But frankly that has yet to take anything away from the benefits of playing what is typically among the biggest and best tournaments staged in France each year. This season, we can assure you that will be no different.

The reasons? Well there are the usual EPT benefits such as a great structures and prize pools, with 45 events on the schedule. But it’s also about the surroundings. In Deauville, you’re never more than about 100 yards from the beach, a plate of great food, or a bottle of good wine. What’s more it all takes place in a picturesque coastal setting, and in Casino Barriere Deauville, one of the more opulent tournaments destinations in Europe.

As well as the €5,300 Main Event (which last years was worth €614,000 to winner Sotorious Koutoupas ), there will be a €10,600 High Roller. There will also be the typically grand prelude to the Festival in the shape of the final France Poker Series Main Event of Season 4 with a €500,000 guarantee, as well as a High Roller. It goes without saying that a raft of side events, including the €330 Deauville Cup, will also be on the schedule. The festival will also conclude the fourth season’s Player of the Season competition.


Last season’s winner Sotirious Koutoupas with winter scarf for the cold

What’s more, we realise that compared to other EPT festivals Deauville is, shall we say, a little more out of reach. So to make your journey to and from Deauville as easy as possible we’ll be laying on shuttles to and from the airports, more details of which can be found at EPT Travel.


Sure, the PCA has a beach, but so does Deauville!

So there you have it. The antidote to post-Bahamian blues, complete with enormous prize pools, great structures, and beautiful scenery. Find all the details you’ll need on the EPT website, with satellites listed in the tournament lobby.

We’ll see you on the beach! (Leave the sandals, bring a hat and scarf)

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.


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