EPT Deauville: Rocky Barbosa

January 22, 2009

Joao Barbosa was standing, which could only mean one thing – the preparations for elimination were underway and his K-6 didn’t look too good against De La Gorse’s K-Q. Ricardo Sousa had no fear for his countryman though, not surprised when Barbosa hit the required six on the river.

“I was thinking it was very strange” said Sousa about the flop as Barbosa sat back down, “he never loses.”

On the next table Frederic Fuentes moved in with pocket aces, called by Laurent Polito holding Q-J. The pocket pair became a set on the flop. It would not be a long reprieve for Fuentes who was all-in again a few hands later, this time with A-J, called by Moritz Kranich and his Ah-Kd. The king on the flop and an “et voila” from the Frenchman, out midway through level 14.


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