EPT Deauville: Offending the poker gods

January 22, 2009

There comes a time when you realise that the world is conspiring against you and you know that the game is well and truly up. The PokerStars qualifier Elroy Wilms knows that feeling: he has just been busted from this event in the most emphatic of circumstances.

After tangling and losing some big pots on another table, Wilms was moved to an empty spot on table 23 where he only had enough chips to post his big blind. Only one other player was prepared to match it pre-flop. That player, Helfried Bernhardt, showed A-10 and Wilms’ tournament life depended on … wait for it …. [peeks at cards] … YES! Seven-two off-suit.

Get in!

If facing off for your tournament existence with the game’s worst hand isn’t bad enough, the flop hardly helped matters. First card: 10. Second card: 10. Third card: blank. Fourth card: Ace. Fifth card: Ace. Helfried had two full houses; Wilms had seven high.

Get out.


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