EPT Deauville: Level 27 updates

January 24, 2009

Live updates from level 27 of the EPT Deauville are brought to you by Stephen Bartley and Howard Swains. Click refresh to see the latest updates. This post will track the action in level 27.

Blinds: 30,000-60,000 (ante: 5,000)

8.42pm: How about now?
Esquevin calls from the small blind but Kranich makes it 240,000. Esquevin has that glint in his eye again and announces “all-in”. Kranich folds.

8.39pm: They think it’s all over… it’s not
On a flop of 6s-Kh-5h Esquevin made it 90,000 before Kranich raised to 275,000. Esquevin had that look in his eye and moved all-in. We thought this was it, but no. Kranich passed.

8.32pm: Moritz wins another
Just to mix it up a bit, here’s the latest hand stacatto style: Flop. 6-7-5. Check. Bet. Call. Turn. Tc. Check. All-in. Fold.

8.30pm: Loose change
Esquevin takes the smallest of pots – the blinds – after both check down a board of 9s-8d-7h-Ad-7c. Esquevin showed Ah-Jd while Kranich mucked.

8.25pm: Route one poker
The first all-in of the heads up sees Kranich make it 160,000 pre-flop before Esquevin moved all-in. Kranich wasn’t biting though.

8.22pm: Chips
Moritz Kranich – 5,550,000
Arnaud Esquevin – 920,000

8.20pm: Play restarts
That says it all really.

8.15pm: We need a player
At least one player is back in his seat. Moritz Kranich sits waiting patiently. Play should resume any minute.

8.05pm: Play stops
Players are in the middle of an unscheduled break. Play should get going again soon.

7.58pm: Tristan Clemencon, France, eliminated in third place, earning 284,800
Clemencon is done, putting his final 100,000 into the pot on the first time he gets the opportunity to do so. Both opponents oblige with the call. Moritz Kranich bets the 10-high flop, which gets rid of Esquevin, and he’s heads-up against the all in Clemencon. The French player has J-2o, Kranich has 10-8o and Clemencon never catches up. From three million to bust in less than half an hour.

7.49pm: Kranich with a mountain to sit on
Clemencon bet 200,000 pre-flop which was called by Kranich for a flop of Tc-Th-8s. Clemencon bet 200,000 now and Kranich raised to 550,000. Clemencon called for a 2c on the turn. Now Kranich moved all-in. Clemencon went into the tank for a full five minutes before calling, mucking to Kranich’s Js-Td. Kranich now has more than five million. That hero call leaves Clemencon with only 100,000.

_MG_9991_Moritz_Kranich_EPT5Dea_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Moritz Kranich

7.43pm: Reraise wins
Moritz Kranich and Arnaud Esquevin see a flop in an unraised pot. It’s 2d-6s-7c and Kranich bets, Esquevin raises to 160,000 and Kranich folds. The common consensus among the press corps, by the way, is that the best three players from the final 15 or so have made it to this three-handed battle.

7.38pm: For Kranich the spoils
Kranich bet 200,000 pre-flop whch was called by Esquevin for a flop of Jd-9s-Kc. Esquevin checked and Kranich made it another 205,000 to go. Now Esquevin moved all-in and Kranich called showing pocket aces. Esquevin flipped over Kd-8d before the turn 2d and river 7c were dealt, giving the spoils to the German.

7.32pm: Three hands in
Three pots, none getting further than pre-flop action. Esquevin has been most effective, re-raising twice to win hands, adding a few hundred thousand to his stack.

7.23pm: Extended break
The three remaining players have taken an extended break after Benelli’s elimination. We be back with the action when they return.

_MG_0008_Neil Stoddart.jpg

7.03pm: Andrea Benelli, Italy, eliminated in fourth place, earning €219,800
After that quadruple up of the previous hand, Benelli’s resurgence could go no further. He was all in again and this time faced two other callers: Tristan Clemencon and Arnaud Esquevin. They both check a flop of Qh-10c-Kd but then Esquevin bets 100,000 on the turn of Kh. Clemencon gets the hint, gets out the way, and leaves Esquevin’s K-6 to be all over Benelli’s 6c-8s. The Italian, who rose into the chip lead at one point today, will have to wait for his first EPT title, despite his second final table of the season.

6.59pm: One down, about five more to go
First hand back, Benelli has no choice but to be all in for his total 40,000 stack. Each of the other players give him the most possibly value for money and all call, then check it down, until Esquevin bets on the river. He has a pair of sixes, but Benelli’s T-9 has made a straight on a board of 7-8-Q-6-J.

6.55pm: Chip counts
The players have returned from the break and their chip stacks are as follows:

Tristan Clemencon, 3,650,000
Arnaud Esquevin, 1,635,000
Moritz Kranich, 1,050,000
Andrea Benelli, 40,000

6.50pm: Play is about to restart. The official chip counts will be available on the chip count page in just a few minutes from now.


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