EPT Deauville: Level 26 updates

January 24, 2009

Live updates from level 26 of the EPT Deauville are brought to you by Stephen Bartley and Howard Swains. Click refresh to see the latest updates. This post will track the action in level 26.

Blinds: 25,000-50,000 (ante: 5,000)

6.35pm: Double up for Esquevin, Benelli’s slump continues
Arnaud Esquevin’s day just improved even more when, on the final hand of the level, he raised pre-flop and Andrea Benelli called from the big blind. The flop came 2h-Qh-Js which couldn’t get much better for Esquevin. He had J-J and Benelli had Q-8o. Esquevin’s top set survived through turn and river against the top pair and he’s back in this game.

That’s the end of the level and they’ve taken a 15 minute break. Chip counts are coming.

_MG_0041_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Andrea Benelli

6.28pm: Current chip counts
Tristan Clemencon — 3,700,000
Moritz Kranich — 1,100,000
Andrea Benelli — 1,000,000
Arnaud Esquevin — 600,000

6.27pm: Chip leaders lump it in
A huge pot between the two chip leaders. With 1,500,000 already in the pot with the board reading 4s-7h-3c-Kd, Benelli checked to Clemencon who bet another 450,000. Benelli called showing pocket jacks but Clemencon had him beat with 9-7 for trips. The 2.4million in the pot just got passed to the 19 year old.

6.23pm: Esquevin in the frame
As one of the relative short stacks at the start of the day, Arnaud Esquevin said that “anything could happen” and that he was happy just to have made the final table. Well, it got better than that: he’s still there with half the field gone. Here’s what else he said to the video blog team:

Watch EPT Deauville S5: Final Table Arnaud Esquevin (English) on PokerStars.tv

6.18pm: Kranich kranks it up
Moritz Kranich just took Jh-3h up against Andrea Benelli’s A-K, all in pre-flop. And it was good. The jack flopped and the Italian’s dominance took a slight hit. Well, a 650,000 chip sized hit, to be approximate.

6.12pm: Post elimination counts
After Benelli eliminated Azoulay, the Italian may have just assumed the chip lead. These are the latest approximate counts:

Tristan Clemencon, 2,600,000
Andrea Benelli, 2,610,000
Moritz Kranich, 650,000
Arnaud Esquevin, 650,000

6.07pm: Jonathan Azoulay, France, eliminated in fifth place, earning €182,700
Two hands, two eliminations. Walthaus’s disappearance on the last hand meant Jonathan Azoulay earned at least another €40,000. And that seemed to be good enough for him as he shoved all in on the very next hand, running into the big blind of the big stack Andrea Benelli. The Italian saw an ace and called – it was only 250,000. Benelli’s A-2 was up against Azoulay’s J-8 and although a jack flopped, so did an ace and Azoulay was sent to the rail

_MG_9967_Jonathan_Azoulay_EPT5Dea_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Jonathan Azoulay

6pm: Jorn Walthaus, Holland, PokerStars qualifier, eliminated in sixth place, earning €142,400
Sometimes the chip leader actually has the cards as well. Jorn Walthaus shoves all in over the top of Tristan Clemencon’s opener, but the snap-call from Clemencon spells trouble for the Dutch player. Clemencon has A-K and dominates Walthaus’s A-2. The flop and turn gives some hope of a split pot for the all in player – J-7-8-9 – but the river is neither a ten nor a two and Walthaus is out.

5.54pm: And don’t forget the joker!
A bet of 136,000 pre-flop from Benelli pummelled into submission by the re-raise all in from Arnaud Esquevin. Benelli shows the ace of spades and folds.

5.47pm: For the benefit of Benelli
Clemencon led the betting pre-flop, 130,000 called by Benelli for a flop of 5s-8d-9d. Both checked for a 7d turn. Benelli then made it 140,000. Not good for Clemencon who folded.

5.43pm: Clemencon on camera
Tristan Clemencon, our chip leader going into today’s final table, was agreeably chipper as he spoke to the video blog team about his tournament so far:

Watch EPT Deauville S5: Final Table Tristan Clemencon (English) on PokerStars.tv

5.41pm: Chips
Players start the new level with these approximate counts (seat order):

Arnaud Esquevin – 500,000
Jorn Walthaus – 600,000
Moritz Kranich – 700,000
Andrea Benelli – 2,200,000
Tristan Clemencon – 2,000,000
Jonathan Azoulay – 227,000

5.40pm: New level
We are moving closer to uncharted territories. The published EPT structure only takes us to the end of level 26, this level, and so who knows where we go after that.


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