EPT Deauville: Level 24 updates

January 24, 2009

Live updates from level 24 of the EPT Deauville are brought to you by Stephen Bartley and Howard Swains. Click refresh to see the latest updates. This post will track the action in level 24.

Blinds: 15,000-30,000 (ante: 3,000)

4.13pm: AB takes chunk out of TC
My notebook reads: 78 – AB, TC rr 230. C. Kd 7c-3c TC 290K. AB AI. TC X.
That means Andrea Benelli raises 78,000 pre-flop and Tristan Clemencon reraises 230,000. Call. The flop is Kd-7c-3c and Clemencon bets 290,000. Benelli moves all in and Clemencon folds. That’s the last action of the level.

4.08pm: Excitement! No, wait!
Azoulay makes it 170,000 pre-flop and the action is folded to Clemencon. He thinks then moves all-in. Azoulay calls and flips over A-Q, the same hand as Clemencon. A harmless board turns this one into a split pot.

4.05pm: Walthaus takes on Kranich, wins!
Jorn Walthaus raises to 76,000 from the cut off; Moritz Kranich calls on the button. Everyone else gets out of the way. The flop is 10-high – 10c-2h-8h – and a bet of 95,000 from Walthaus is good.

4pm: Azoulay picks his moment
Azoulay moves all in, a total of 204,000 which is called by Esquevin who is ahead pre-flop, showing A-J to Azoulay’s A-7. Not for long though. A seven hits the flop to double up the Frenchman.

_MG_9967_Jonathan_Azoulay_EPT5Dea_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Jonathan Azoulay

3.57pm: More power from Kranich
Arnaud Esquevin raises from the button and although Jorn Walthaus asks for a count, he eventually passes from the small blind. Just as well, as Moritz Kranich calls from the big blind and they see a flop of 9d-4s-5s, checked, then Ac on the turn, also checked. The river is the 7s and Kranich bets 100,000, which is enough.

3.53pm: Chip leader flexing his muscles
Benelli makes it 78,000 pre-flop but is pushed off by Clemencon, using his weight, with a raise of 220,000 ending the hand pretty quickly.

_MG_9954_Tristan_Clemoncon_EPT5Dea_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Tristan Clemencon

3.42pm: All in is good
Jorn Walthaus moves all in over a pre-flop raise from Jonathan Azoulay. Azoulay doesn’t want to get involved and lets it go.

3.40pm: Chips
Here’s how they stand at the moment (seat order) –
Arnaud Esquevin – 572,000
Jorn Walthaus – 529,000
Moritz Kranich – 942,000
Andrea Benelli – 1.524,000
Bruno Launais – 638,000
Tristan Clemencen – 1,719,000
Jonathan Azoulay – 398,000

3.33pm: Chip break
There’s a slight pause in the action as the tournament staff help us with an approximate chip count. It’ll be here as soon as they read it out, which should be momentarily.

3.27pm: Azoulay all-in
More tension as a Launais bet is followed by an all-in from Azoulay. The action was folded back to Launais who thought a while but folded.

3.24pm: Benelli checked
Andrea Benelli has been involved in more pots than the rest of the players put together, but this time he doesn’t fancy a flop of 9c-7c-Ks when Bruno Launais bets at it. Benelli folds, giving his pre-flop raise of 76,000 to the French player

_MG_9918_Andrea_Benelli_EPT5Dea_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Andrea Benelli

3.18pm: Three way pot
A three way pot started by a bet of 76,000 by Andrea Benelli. Azoulay calls as does Esquevin in the big blind. They see a flop of 7d-7s-Ac and each player checks. The turn comes Kd. Azoulay checks before Esquevin makes it 130,000. Benelli called and Azoulay left them to it, a river card 4s. Both check and it’s the Italian Benelli, showing Ah-5h, who takes the pot.

3.10pm: Seven for the money
Seven players remain at the start of level 24 on the final table at EPT Deauville. Tristan Clemencon remains in the chip lead, with Moritz Kranich having slipped back a touch after that accident with kings versus eights. Benelli is probably now in second place.


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