EPT Deauville: Level 22 updates

January 23, 2009

Live updates from level 22 of the EPT Deauville are brought to you by Stephen Bartley and Howard Swains. Click refresh to see the latest updates. This post will track the action in level 22.

Blinds: 8,000-16,000 (ante: 2,000)

6.45pm: In your own time
While Clemencon was making a name for himself with monster calls another hand was at a critical stage on the other table. Jan Meinberg had bet 45,000 and Jorn Walthaus announced all-in. This was at the same time Haddad had moved in on the flop. Meinberg did not want to make a decision while Clemencon was in the tank and waited. As the congratulations were thrown in Clemencon’s direction Meinberg decided to call showing A-T to Walthaus’s K-T. The board ran 7-2-3-8-7 to double Meinberg once more. Ten players left.

6.40pm: I said, strap yourself in…
But this was relentless action. No sooner had Hoog disappeared than another hand was developing. Bruno Haddad had bet 45,000 pre-flop which Tristan Clemencon raised to a little more than 100,000. Haddad called for a flop of 6d-4c-9h which he then checked before Clemencon made it 150,000. Haddad went into the tank, sealing the door behind him for some serious reflection. When he came out he decided to move all in. Clemencon immediately swapped place and went into the tank himself.

This was a long tank. Clemencon is a 19-year-old student who was on the brink of either busting a player and taking a huge stack to the final, or losing most of his own arsenal, leaving himself just 260K. He would have to lay it down or make a great call. But this was more than a great call, it was a massive call.

_MG_9529_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Tristan Clemencon

Haddad turned over pocket jacks, Clemencon pocket queens. Clemencon watched the 9d turn but turned away for the Kd river. Friends told him he was okay and Haddad wished him well. A wheel barrow full of chips was delivered to Clemencon who now has more than a million.

6.35pm: Strap yourself in
Ten minutes of world rocking that has changed the face of the tournament. It always happens how you least expect it. The three or four short stacks have lived with the vulture-press hovering for hours but when Thomas de Hoog bet 42k pre-flop, with a stack of hundreds of thousands, no one expected him to be the 12th place finisher.

Andrea Benelli was happy to re-raise Hoog’s bet, making it 115,000. Lighting the fuse Hoog them moved all-in, called by Benelli in a flash bang, showing his pocket aces. Hoog held pocket tens and would need help. None came. When the smoke cleared Benelli had all the chips and Hoog, who was in no danger was gone.

6.30pm: Alessio Isaia railed
The pink-haired crusader Alessio Isaia’s day is done. He shoved under-the-gun for his final 75,000, into the big blind of the other short stack Thomas Delattre. Everyone else got out the way and left the young Frenchman with the decision, which was effectively for his tournament life as well. Delattre found a brave call, which was ultimately shown to be the right one too. Isaia had 10-7o, Delattre had Qs10s and when a queen was there in the window, Isaia was already shaking hands and heading off.

6.15pm: Meinberg doubles up
Jan Meinberg just prolonged his short stack battle a little longer, doubling up after moving in on the button with A-Q, called by Jonathan Azoulay’s A-7 from the big blind. Nothing on the board to help either hand. Still 13 remain.

5.57pm: I say Isaia Isaia
David Daraux moves all-in with pocket nines, called by Alessio Isaia with Ad-Td. The board falls in Daraux’s favour, making him a straight on the river to double him up.

5.56pm: He did Jorn you
Jorn Walthaus makes a 40K bet pre-flop which Moritz Kranich calls from the button. The flop comes 6s-Kh-2c which Walthaus checks before Kranich bet 48,000. Jorn announced “raise 150” prompting Kranich to fold.

5.50pm: Play continues
No break, we’re straight into level 22.


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