EPT Deauville: Level 19 updates

January 23, 2009

Live updates from level 19 of the EPT Deauville are brought to you by Stephen Bartley and Howard Swains. Click refresh to see the latest updates. This post will track the action in level 19.

Blinds: 4,000-8,000 (ante: 1,000)

3.30pm: The others around the table
We play eight-handed on the EPT, but there are always nine people around the table. Like a football referee, the best indication of a good dealer is often that you don’t notice them at all, but it’s always worth catching up with the shufflers, rifflers and chip-choppers, as the video blog team found out in Deauville:

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3.25pm: Ulliott eliminated
Dave “Devilfish” Ulliott is out. He shoved for his final 100,000 after Bruno Haddad made it 21,000 to go. Bad timing. Haddad had the real deal – A-A – and Devilfish’s A-9 could not catch up. All over for the ‘Fish.

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3.15pm: Kranich takes Kock out
The chips went in on a board of 3-J-K-Q-3. Herbert Kock had A-K but Kranich’s Ac-Qc had flopped a flush. All over for the Austrian.

3.10pm: Re-draw
With 24 players remaining, a full redraw for the final three tables is being made.

3.05pm: Launais finishes the job
Eric Haber is now no more after his nemesis Bruno Launais finished off the job he started on the previous hand. This time Haber was in much better shape when the money went in: his 10h-9h had made a flush on a board of Jh-3h-6h. He was up against Launais’s Js-6d but when the 6c came on the river, Launais had filled up. Haber is out.

_MG_9499_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Eric Haber

2.58pm: How does it feel?
Eric Haber, wearing a t-shirt saying “Like a Rolling Stone” is all but out, betting 46,000 on a flop of Ac-5d-8d only for Bruno Launais – never far from a big pot – to re-raise to 100,000. Haber immediately moved all in with pocket fives for a set and was called just as quickly by Launais with pocket eights for a better one. The turn and river changed nothing. Haber stood as his chips were counted and handed over to Launais all but about 40,000.

2.45pm: Abecassis abeca-can’t
The French EPT veteran Michel Abecassis has just been eliminated by his countryman Arnaud Vicente. Abecassis had A-J and Vicente Kc-10c on a board of Jd-9c-8c and all the money went in. Vicente hit one of his numerous outs when the turn came 7h and he hit another – Ks – on the river, just for good measure.

_MG_9477_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Michel Abecassis

Second in chips at the start of the day, Abecassis is our 26th placed finisher.

2.42pm: Worn down by Jorn
Vikash Dhorasoo opened the pot with 21,000 before Jonathan Azoulay in the small blind added another 23,000. PokerStars qualifier Jorn Walthaus asked Azoulay how much he had back, 330,000 being the answer. Walthaus looked into the sky for a minute and then announced “I’ll make it 125.” Dhorasoo passed but Azoulay had a decision to make, looking at one of his cards, then another before passing.

2.35pm: Art house
The video blog team spent the night in the Jean Cocteau suite. They emerged this morning from a fug of Gitanes smoke with a sallow complexion, a headache and this:

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2.25pm: Chips
A full chip count from the start of this level is currently being processed. It will appear on the chip counts page within minutes.


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