EPT Deauville: Initials LL

January 20, 2009

One of the bigger stacks right now is that of Frenchman Ludovic Lacay, although by the look on his face you wouldn’t know it. Lacay plays in his work face at the table, whether he’s grinding through the early levels or making sweeping moves at the final table – like at the EPT Warsaw a few months ago where his eighth place, a premature exit after having his aces smashed, was good for $41,382.

Here though it’s happy time for the Frenchman who sat with just short of 30,000 in the middle of level three, but his windfall came in a hand back in level two.

_MG_4229_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Ludovic Lacay

Four players saw the 9h-Qs-3d flop making for a pot of around 1,500. Lacay then called bets of 1,075 and then 1,175 on a Qd turn and 4s river. Now though the action was checked to Lacay who bet 3,825, showing Ah-Qc when his opponent called (and mucked) leaving a lead taking pot to Lacay. As level three ended he picked up another few thousand, showing 9c-5c for two pair to break the 30K mark.

Stop press: Then that all changed. A few moments ago Lacay’s stack was decimated in a pocket tens versus pocket kings pre-flop hand which spat the Frenchman out the other side in bad shape, down to 10,000.


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