EPT Deauville: Hands and stuff

January 22, 2009

The former France international footballer Vikash Dhorasoo is enjoying his conversion to poker, and he’s prospering still here on home soil.

He raised to 3,575 on two hands in succession, the first was a routine blinds-and-antes pick-up; the second found a customer in Carlos Ramos, the American PokerStars qualifier. They saw a flop of Qh-Ks-6h and both checked. The turn was 5s and Dhorasoo bet 6,600. Ramos called. The river was the Kh and Dhorasoo bet 11,000, forcing Ramos to fold, announcing that his A-J had missed.

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Dhorasoo has around 100,000 these days.

* * * * *

Ramos clawed some of his missing chips back on the very next hand, however, when he raised from late position and Darren Woods shoved from the blinds. Ramos had to find about 18,000 for the call, and he made it. But he was well behind.

Woods had A-Q, Ramos K-10 but when the king came on the turn, Woods was looking for the door. First, though, he had to watch Ramos join in the new fashion for vociferous celebration that has gripped Deauville. Players are bellowing their delight through the Casino Barriere ballroom, and Ramos added his own flourish, removing his cap, throwing it to the floor and gleefully booting it across the room. (The former footballer Dhorasso seemed unimpressed.)

“It was worth getting knocked out just for the entertainment,” said Woods, as he made his way out of the tournament room. He earns the top prize for magnanimity in defeat.

Ramos talked to our video blog team yesterday about his tournament so far. Warning: Spanish.

Watch EPT Deauville S5: Interview with Carlos Ramos Day 1b (Espanol) on PokerStars.tv

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On an adjoining table to the action described above, the PokerStars qualifier Moritz Kranich was scooping a 60,000 pot with pocket fours, cracking Mohamed Berdai’s aces. All the money went in on the flop by which point Kranich had made a set.

* * * * *

Jesper Hougaard remains in the hunt for his first EPT crown to add to his WSOPE and WSOP bracelets. The Dane doubled up to about 80,000 through the Portuguese player Rui Manuel Teixeira De Sousa, when his 4h-6h hit one of its numerous outs after the money went in on a board of 2h-Kh-5s.

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Jesper Hougaard

A full chip count is currently in production at the end of level 12.


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