EPT Deauville: Final table, level 33 live updates

January 25, 2010


11.46pm: Jake Cody wins EPT Deauville for €847,000
Teodor Caraba runner up for €516,000

It’s over! And after a final full of skill and flair, it was fitting that this ended when two monster hands collided. Teodor Caraba raised to 800,000 and Jake Cody re-raised to 1,760,000. Caraba then moved all in, call!

Cody: K♦K♣ Caraba: A♦K♥

Caraba was in big trouble, needing an ace to survive. But the board ran 10♠7♠10♣4♦Q♦, giving the title to Brit Jake Cody. A full tournament wrap is on its way. It’ll be a must read, so don’t go away.

11.40pm: Re-raise, fold
Teodor Caraba raised to 800,000 and Jake Cody re-raised to 1,800,000 – and that was enough to take the pot.

11.37pm: Nearly all square
Well scratch Cody’s lead. Well almost. Caraba shoved once more with A♠K♣ getting called by Cody with K♠6♣. Cody’s head dropped as the board came 2♥Q♣K♥5♠J♦. Cody still has the lead but only just.

Cody — 12,100,000
Caraba — 10,600,000

11.33pm: All-in call
Teodor Caraba moved all in for 2,660,000. Jake Cody announced call, turning over A♣4♥. The title would be his if the board dodged Caraba’s Q♥6♦. It didn’t.
K♣2♣6♠4♠J♣. Caraba doubles up. His pals on the rail find their voice again and we play on.

11.30pm: First all-in
Teodor Caraba moves all in. No action though. Jake Cody folds.

11.26pm: All change
Teodor Caraba opened for 800,000 and Jake Cody raised to 2,100,000. Caraba then announced all in and Cody called, pumping his fists when he saw the showdown. His 8♥8♣ was up against Caraba’s 6♣5♣. For the first time Cody looked happy. The board came 4♣9♠2♥K♣7♠. The flop had left Caraba needing a seven, the turn had given him a flush draw but neither hit the river. Cody suddenly becomes the overwhelming chip leader.

Cody – 19,780,000
Caraba — 2,960,000

11.23pm: A limp!
Jake Cody called from the small blind and Teodor Caraba checked his option. The flop came Q♥3♣2♣, Caraba checked and Cody bet 300,000. It was good.

11.20pm: Another bluff in the books
Jake Cody raised from the button and Teodor Caraba called to see a 2♦7♠8♦ flop. Both players checked and that gave Carabs the license to lead out for 700,000 on the J♠ turn. Cody was having none of it though as he raised to 2,000,000. Caraba folded and then was shown K-10 by Cody for another bluff.

11.11pm: All in, fold
Jake Cody raised to 670,000, Teodor Caraba moved all in, and Cody folded.

11.09pm: Caraba this time
This time Teodor Caraba raised to 800,000 and Jake Cody called. The flop was K♠Q♥10♥, Cody checked and Caraba bet 900,000 – and that sent Cody packing.

11.06pm: A quick one
Jake Cody raised to 670,000 and Teodor Caraba re-raised to 1,700,000. That was enough.

11.04pm: Another hand
Caraba raised 800,000. Cody re-raised to 2,000,000 and Caraba then folded.

11.00pm: A hand
Teodor Caraba bet pre-flop, Cody raised, and Caraba called for a flop of 3♣7♥4♣. Caraba checked to Cody who bet on the flop. Quick fold by Caraba.

10.55pm: Raise and take by Jake Cody

10.50pm: Action first hand
In the first hand of this level Jake Cody opened with a raise to 800,000 before Teodor Caraba three-bet to 2,000,000. Any four-bet at this stage would be all in and Cody wasn’t prepared to do that and quickly folded.

10.45pm: Problem solved
We’ll be playing 150,000-300,000 this level.

10.40pm: New level, blinds are… oh, wait
This is level 33. Trouble is the EPT structure sheet only goes up to level 32, a sign of just how long this final table has gone on so far (it started just after noon). We had the same issue in Prague back in December.

Turns out it is now up to the tournament director’s discretion as to exactly what blind levels we now play. We’ll let you know just as soon as we can.

Meanwhile, here are the chip counts:

Teodor Caraba: 12,580,000
Jake Cody: 10,160,000


PokerStars Blog reporting team: Stephen Bartley, Marc Convey, Howard Swains and Simon Young


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