EPT Deauville: Final table, level 32 live updates

January 25, 2010


10.27pm: Break time
And with that hand comes the end of the level. Players are taking a 15 minute break.

10.20pm: Nice pot for Cody
Jake Cody (hand 203) raised to 560,000 and was called by Teodor Caraba. They saw a 10♣5♠J♣ flop, Caraba checked and Cody bet 580,000. Call. The turn was 6♠ and again Caraba checked then called Cody’s 1,320,000 bet. The river was 9♥, Caraba checked and Cody put out 2,440,000, and that was enough to force Caraba out of the pot.

Cody must have had a decent hand?

Nope. He showed 7-4.

10.15pm: Landmarks
A period of calm is broken by the 200 hand mark.

9.50pm: Player out, down to two – Mike McDonald out in third place for €295,000
Teodor Caraba opened for 480,000 and Mike McDonald raised to 1,180,000. Caraba announced all-in and McDonald called showing J♦J♠ to Caraba’s A♠10♦. McDonald seemed happy enough, Caraba too, but it was the Romanians on the sidelines going nuts on the flop: K♦6♥A♦. McDonald was now behind and poker’s record book looked likely to stay closed as hopes of a double winner looked slim. 8♥ on the turn, 10♣ on the river. Mike McDonald out in third place.

9.48pm: Video interlude
While we’ve been enjoying the excellent poker in the EPT main event final, the high roller event was coming to a conclusion across the tournament room. The winner? Martin Kabrhel. Click the little white triangle below to find out more…

Watch EPT Deauville 2010: High Roller Event on PokerStars.tv

9.44pm: Cody lets it go
Jake Cody bets 500,000, and Teodor Caraba re-raises to 1,200,000. Jake Cody goes into the tank, and counts out what looks like a potential re-re-raise. But he thought better of it, and mucked.

9.36pm: Same old same old
Yet again Jake Cody is using his position over Mike McDonald to great effect. Twice McDonald has raised only to lay down to a large three-bet by his British neighbor. If he is going to be our first double EPT champion he’s going to need to find some hands that he is able play back with.

9.32pm: All calm
Not much has changed. Gripping poker but nothing in these first hands back from the break getting anywhere near a flop.

9.20pm: Small is the new big
Opening skirmishes of the level are small. Teodor Caraba made it 460,000 and Mike McDonald moved all in, forcing him to let go.

Earlier, Jake Cody made it 420,000 and Mike McDonald called. The flop was 6♣5♦10♣, McDonald checked and then folded to Cody’s 420,000 continuation bet.

9.11pm: McDonald on the attack
Mike McDonald takes the first pot after dinner. Jake Cody had limped in from the small blind and McDonald checked. On the 5♥2♦9♠ flop, McDonald bet 240,000 and Cody called. But on the 3♠ turn, Cody folded when McDonald made it 520,000.

9.07pm: Cards are in the air
And we’re off again.

9pm: Dinner was nice
After a one-hour break for dinner (a tasty steak polished off with an apple crumble), the three players are beginning to get settled back at the final table. This one has ‘loooong’ written all over it, as all three are exhibiting an impressive standard of play.

Mike McDonald, so close to becoming the first double EPT champion, has had the worst of it three-handed so far, but as his many supporters on the rail will tell you, never write Timex off.

Here are the chips as we head into level 32, where blinds will be 100,000-200,000 with a 20,000 ante. That’s big.

Teodor Caraba: 10,040,000
Jake Cody: 8,370,000
Mike McDonald: 4,130,000


Teodor Caraba: chip leader

PokerStars Blog reporting team: Howard Swains, Marc Convey, Stephen Bartley and Simon Young


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