EPT Deauville, day 1a levels five and six

January 20, 2010


Updates from day one, levels five and six of EPT Deauville, brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Marc Convey, Howard Swains and Simon Young.

Latest chip counts are on the chip count page. The EPT tournament structure can be found on the EPT tournament structure page.

Check back on the earlier action from today: Levels 1 & 2

Level five: 150-300 (25 ante)
Level six: 200-400 (50 ante)

7.15pm: Bon appetit
That’s it for the level. Players now take a 60 minute dinner break. Play will restart at 8.15pm.

7.14pm: Czech this out
PokerStars player Guillaume Da Silva bets 1,175, called by Jeremy Palvini and Martin Kabrhel in the small blind. On the J♥7♥3♦ flop Kabrhel, from the Czech Republic, makes it 2,875, called only by Palvini. On the 5♣ river Kabrhel makes it 9,875 – and that’s too rich for Palvini, who folds.

7.12pm: More for Mattern
Four players on Arnaud Mattern’s table saw a flop, including Mattern. 3♦4♥A♥. Morgan Polo checked in the small blind before Mattern made it 1,050 from the big. It was passed to Dara O’Kearney on the button who called. It would be just the two of them to the 10♠ turn. Mattern now bet 2,250, squeezing it between his fingers so that it flew into the middle. O’Kearney called with much less flourish for a 9♠ on the river. Check-check. Mattern showed A♠8♠ to O’Kearney’s A♦5♥. The eight would play, giving Mattern the pot and a stack of more than 65,000.

7.10pm: Saout moves, stays with friend
Antoine Saout’s table has broken and he’s been moved down to the lower level of the ballroom. However his neighbour has not changed. He was sitting next to the PokerStars qualifier Helene Bartet on his opening table, and they picked cards next to one another when they were forced to move.

What has changed, however, is the position in which they sit. Previously Saout had position on Bartet and now she is to his left, by far the better spot. And she’s making it work. On a recent hand, Saout opened to 1,000 from mid-position and only Bartet called.

The flop was Q♠4♣8♠ and Saout fired 2,500. Bartet called. The turn was A♣ and after Saout checked, Bartet bet 4,500. Saout folded.


Antoine Saout: moved

That table has now become pretty nasty actually. Pierre Neuville is there, as is Voitto Rintala. But the man most should be fearing is Jamel Maistriaux, who has broken 100,000 in chips and is actually nearer 120,000.

His position of prominence perhaps accounts for the fact that those two seats were available next to one another.

7.05pm: The Pope may live in Rome too but….
Four limpers saw a Q♦6♥8♥ flop. The two blinds checked to Franck Henri Kalfon in the cut-off who bet 700 and was only called by Christiano Blanco on the button. The turn came 9♠ and the bet was 1,500 from Kalfon this time and once again Blanco called. The same bet was made on the A♣ river and Blanco shrugged and then called. Kalfon tabled A♥2♥ for a flush draw that paired his ace on the river.

Blanco looked to the heavens and mucked his cards. He may be from Rome but it’s a bit much asking for God’s help in preventing that ace from falling. With 56,000 chips in his possession I’m sure he’ll get over it.

6.55pm: Cigar-check-call
Cigar chomping Lucien Cohen opened for 1,300 pre-flop in early position, getting a call from Michel Habib sat opposite him in the cut off. This here looked like a hand brewing. The flop, J♣7♣J♥. Cohen check-called Habib’s 1,000 bet on the flop, then checked again, leaving it to Habib to make it 2,000 on the 8♣ turn. Cohen thought about it, checking his cards a couple of times before eventually folding, mumbling something and returning the cigar stump to his mouth.

6.45pm: Zwet went
Jean Michel Texier has just accounted for Tim Zwet, the Dutchman shoving his last 4,000 approx all in pre-flop with 8♦7♠. Just like Vaserfirer below, Zwet ran into jacks. Gone.

6.44pm: Vaserfirer put out
Oleksandr Vaserfirer is out, raising from late position and then calling for his last 6,000-odd when smacked with a re-raise from the big blind. Vaserfirer’s A♥J♥ couldn’t overtake J♠J♣.

6.40pm: Haik busted
On a 4♣8♠7♠ flop, Eric Haik bets 5,100 but Jamel Maistriaux is not impressed and re-raises to 22,200. It’s enough to put Haik all-in, and after a moment or so of agonizing he shrugs and puts his remaining 16,000 over the line.

Haik: J♥8♣
Maistriaux: 4♥4♦

Haik was miles behind and the 3♠ turn and Q♣ river changed nothing. Another man down.

6.38pm: Man with long name wins pot
Yuriy Dobrokahvalov bets 5,000 on a 9♣3♣9♠ turn and bet out 17,000, putting himself all in. That was too much for Ruane – about half his remaining stack – and he folded.

6.35pm: He didn’t expect that
Thomas Delattre opened the pot with a raise to 1,075 before quickly calling a three-bet to 3,000 from PokerStars qualifier Pierre Petitjean in the cut-off. After the flop came 5♣5♦Q♦ both players checked before Delattre check snap-called Petitjean’s 2,000 on the J♥ turn. The river came 9♣ and once again Delattre checked again. He took a long time to call at this juncture after checking once more to his opponent who bet 5,000. He didn’t like what he saw either as Petitjean opened 10♦5♦ for trip fives.

6.25pm: Ladies in luck
Marine Bondet De La Bernard and Davina Jolly are two ladies happy right now after scooping in nice pots. De La Bernard was happy as her [ak]K♦ stayed ahead of Matthews Perrins’ A♥Q♦ after a pre-flop all in encounter. The board ran 9♠10♣6♠8♠4♣ to bust Perrins. Moments later Jolly was all in with pocket aces against her opponent’s ace-king. A king appeared on the flop but her hand held to double her up to 23,000.

6.20pm: Nearly had ya Smadja
Antoine Saout and Ruben Smadja just renewed their earlier rivalry. If that previous start is to be continued Smadja wants a second story to tell the folks back home.

On a flop of 4♥K♠3♦ Saout made it 1,725 from his spot in middle position. After Pierre Marcaggi folded it was back to Smadja, all beard and sunglasses, who raised to 4,025 in total. Saout was back under pressure, the spot light back on him as Smadja waited for a responses. It was the same as last time, Saout passing, sending his chips to Smadja.

6.14pm: Level up

6.13pm: Bust out #2
They’re falling like flies here. This time it’s Francois Hemmer who has bitten the dust. On a 4-J-9 flop he was all in with K-J but up against Kristian Johansson’s A-J. The turn and river ran dry for Hemmer, meaning this particular PokerStars qualifier will not be seeing day 2.

6.10pm: Bust out #1
Jerome Orain only had a few thousand chips left and was all-in pre-flop with 7-7 up against Belkacem Laouar’s 6-6. It started well, with the flop coming 3♠K♦J♦, and the 9♣ turn was good for a double up as well. But the 6♦ on the river was sickening and Orain is out.

6.06pm: Double-up
A short stacked Maged El Khoury has doubled up to 20,000 through Imed Ben Mahmoud. The former held pocket nines to the latter’s pocket sixes with the chips going in on a 3♠4♥Q♣ flop. The turn Q♠ and river A♣ changed nothing.

6.03pm: Seat open
We are hearing the title of this post being shouted out a lot more by dealers. It indicates a free seat where a recently eliminated player once sat. It’s impossible to bring notifications of all the exit hands but we’ll get as many as the laws of physics will allow. One of the unfortunate ones is Dan Semenescu. He moved all in for his last 4,400 and was looked up by Herve Lucien Gottrand is the next seat along.

On showdown Semenescu tabled K♦J♣ to Gottrand’s A♦Q♥ and the board ran 6♣2♠10♥5♥7♣ to miss both players meaning Gottrand’s ace-high was good.

6pm: Two all-ins and a penalty
Drama over on table 32. On a board of 4♦5♥A♥, a player moved all in for around 9,000, and then Roman Gorskiy re-raised all-in for about 28,000. Only Jeremy Nock was left in the hand, and he turned over his cards K♥3♥ while he thought about what he should do. Hang on, that’s not allowed is it?

Sure enough the floor is called, and the decision is that Nock can still act on his hand, but afterwards he must face a one-orbit penalty for exposing his cards.

Nock accepted that quite happily – and then time is called on him as he thinks some more. Back came the floor man and the countdown is on. “OK, I think I will leave you two to it,” he said, before mucking his upturned flush draw.

The river was 4♣, meaning Gorskiy’s 2♣3♠ was good for the straight, busting the short-stacked all-in player, who had A♣10♣.

“I am glad I folded now,” said Nock.
“Let’s hope you’re as happy to get up now and serve your penalty,” the floor man retorted.

After that little drama, Gorskiy was up to more than 40,000.

5.55pm: Stumpfed
It’s a legitimate complaint among readers of poker blogs that information from hands is either missing or inaccurate. Although there’s no excuse for the latter, it’s often impossible to avoid missing some information, mainly because as reporters we frequently arrive to the table after dealing is already done.

It’s frustrating. In these two instances, it’d be very good to know how we arrived at the situations, but we probably never will.

In the first hand, there was a flop out of A♦4♠10♥ and a small bet from Eero Kekalainen on the table. Andras Stumpf raised to 3,050 and Kekalainen made it 8,200. Stumpf wasn’t done, moving all in for his last 21,325 and that covered Kekalainen. The Finn folded.

Over the other side of the room, Remy Biechel had his head in his hands looking at a board of 8♠7♠Q♦3♣6♠. Mostafa Belkhayate had bet 8,000 into a pot of about that much. Biechel agonised but then folded a queen face up. Fights another day.

5.50pm: Gauter gutted
Laurent Gauter moved all-in on the button. Christophe Sorel in the small blind asked how much. Gauter had a mixture of mint green chips and dark mint green chips, 2,675 in total. He called as Yoann Ruyet and James Sudworth, who had limped pre-flop, got out of the way. K♣2♦ for Gauter, 9♣9♠ for Sorel as the board ran: 8♣Q♦5♦Q♠2♣. Gauter busted, and after shaking each hand offered to him at the table, was gone from the tournament floor.

5.45pm: Good work for Burlot
Siegfried Devos opened for 875 in middle position and Jean Michel Texier called. Regis Burlot was waiting for the action to reach him in the small blind and raised it up to 3,000 in total. Jerome Durieux in the big blind thought for a moment but passed, but Devos and Texier wanted to see a flop. 6♦10♣6♣. Adamant that his will would prevail Burlot made it another 5,000 to play. Devos made no ceremony of mucking but Texier stretched it out into two minutes of thought. Too rich, he passed too. Burlot showed K♠K♥.

5.42pm: Elimination on table 26
The player out is Antonio Subtil. The player with his chips is Moetaz El Sayed from Egypt. I ran over to the table as Subtil was getting up from his chair and had got there just in time to see he had pocket kings. El Sayed held A♥10♥ and the flop was ten high with two hearts so a good chance the chips went in at this point. The turn of J♥ left Subtil drawing dead.

5.35pm: Carpentier chipping up
There’s another sizeable stack appearing in front of Etienne Carpentier – around 85,000 it seems. Just recently, he was flexing his muscles in a pot against Jonathan Zaoui Ben Soussan. Those two, as well as Anatoly Gurtovoy, saw a flop of 8♠10♦5♥ and Soussan checked, Gurtovoy checked but Carpentier bet 1,450. Soussan now raised, making it 6,700 and Gurtovoy folded. But Carpentier wasn’t done yet, bumping it up again to 16,025. Soussan spent a good long while thinking about it, even standing up to give himself a grandstand view of the impassive Carpentier. Then he folded.

5.35pm: Busted draw?
An early position raise picked up three callers to see a 9♦2♦10♣ flop. There was a check from the initial raiser and a bet of 1,500 from his neighbor before Thomas Neville made a raise. He fiddled and counted chips for a good while before making it 8,200, not a small raise and about one third of his stack. Surprisingly Eric Qu made a very quick call from the small blind with the two other players folding.

Both players checked the 3♣ turn before a 13,000 bet from Qu on the 7♥ river took the pot as Neville folded. Neville look perplexed and left the table for a minute or two.

5.30pm: Kalfon’s pot
Patrick Bueno, a French poker veteran, opens for 850 and gets calls from Franck Kalfon and Jean Claude Malle. All three checked the 6♥10♣K♣ flop, but on the 5♦ turn Kalfon bet 2,000 and was called only by Malle. Both checked the 2♦ river and Kalfon’s A♣10♥ had outgunned Malle’s A♦J♥.

5.25pm: El Khoury and chips
Joseph El Khoury makes it 300 and Team PokerStars Pro Arnaud Mattern bumps it up to 1,100. Khier Rezaik called, as did El Khoury. On the 6♠4♣8♦ flop, Rezaik checked, but El Khoury fired out 2,200 – and that was enough to send Mattern and Rezaik’s cards into the muck.

5.20pm: Chip leader. Possibly
As mentioned in a previous level, all the chips here in Deauville are a light pastel colour, making them very difficult to distinguish from one another. The problem is most pronounced in the Belgian player Alexis De Spoelberch’s stack – simply because it’s the largest in the room. If these boggling eyes are to be relied upon (and they probably are in this instance) he has about 97,000 which makes him our chip leader at this very early stage.

5.10pm: Back from the second break
Ready for level five.

_MG_9553_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Arnaud Mattern’s poker face


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