EPT Deauville: Day four, level 23 live updates

January 24, 2010


1.43pm: Take this one into the break
Jake Cody has just shipped a huge portion of his stack to David Morante on the last hand before the break. They had history, though, and it’s worth going back to the previous hand to understand how this one played out.

Morante is to Cody’s right, meaning he is playing into the aggressive, three-betting Brit and when Morante raised to 62,000 from the hijack, Cody bumped it to 149,000 from the cut off and got Morante to lay it down.

It was almost identical on the very next hand. Morante opened to 62,000 from what was now UTG+1 on this short-handed table, and Cody again re-raised, making it 142,000. Morante was not so easily pushed around this time. He four-bet to 282,000 and Cody almost instantly moved all in, covering the Spanish player.

Morante shrugged the shrug of a man thinking: “If you’ve got me beat, so be it.” He called and showed Q♠Q♥. Cody didn’t have him beat, though. He had 8♦8♠ and when a queen came on the flop, this one was all but done.

“What, you don’t believe me?” Morante said to Cody as the dealer counted his stack. It was about 765,000 and he now has more than double that. Cody is on fumes.


Jake Cody: the non-believer

1.35pm: Will anyone call Calia?
Perhaps it’s down to Freddy Deeb departing for the feature table, but table one has slowed somewhat. It’s left to Nicolo Calia to keep things busy, moving all-in for 295,000 but getting no takers. Then he did so again, with predictable results. Each time Calia does this, moves all-in and then takes his chips back uncontested, David Morante next to him punches the table in front of Calia as a show of support.

1.25pm: Big pot for chip leader
It was a big pot and a big flop for the chip leader Teodor Caraba. Caraba raised to 54,000 from the cut off and Hugo Lemaire called from the button.

It was just the two big stacks and the flop came 2♣2♦5♥. Caraba bet 65,000 and Lemaire called. The turn was Q♣ and Caraba bet 200,000, which Lemaire then bumped to 400,000 (a min-raise under the regulations played in France). Caraba called.

The river was 4♦ and Caraba checked. He will have been dismayed to see Lemaire check behind as he tabled A♥2♠ for the almost invisible flopped trip deuces. Still, that’s a pot of about a million going in his direction.

1.20pm: ElkY the author
You obviously know of ElkY the poker star, but you may not have heard of ElkY the author. His book Kill ElkY is a must read, and a new edition is out. Here in Deauville he signed some copies for a lucky few, and here’s what he had to say…

Watch EPT Deauville 2010: "Kill ElkY" Book Signing on PokerStars.tv

1.17pm: George slays the Dragan
George Secara opened the pot with a raise before Dragan Jovanovic moved all in from the big blind. Call. Off to the races as Jovanovic tabled 6♥6♣ to Secara’s A♦K♣. The board ran 4♣A♠7♣7♥Q♥ and with that we’re down to 20 players.

1.12pm: How much?
On a flop 5♣4♣6♠ Freddy Deeb bet out 50,000. Hugo Lemaire popped up again, asking how much. “About 500,” replied Deeb. Lemaire then re-raised, 220,000 total. No questions from Deeb, who mucked his cards.

1.08pm: Rezaik all-in
Peter Eastgate opened for 55,000. Khier Rezaik was next to him and moved all-in. The action worked its way back to Eastgate who wasted little time in calling. J♣K♣ for Eastgate, A♣9♣ for Rezaik who would survive the Q♠3♠6♣7♠Q♥ board, doubling up.

1.06pm: Last cigarette
Nicolo Calia took a puff on his fake cigarette and moved all-in. Hugo Lemaire in seat one asked how much it was. 270,000 came the dealers reply. Too much for Lemaire. A second all-in declined for Nicolo Calia, who showed Q♣Q♠.


Nicolo Calia: no calls is a drag

1.05pm: Bosen busts, Fitoussi continues upward
Bruno Fitoussi’s remarkable charge continues and he is now closing in on a million. The final German player Peter Bosen is his latest victim, hitting the rail in 22nd.

They got it all in pre-flop: Fitoussi’s pocket fives were in trouble against Bosen’s queens. And although the flop was blank, the turn brought a third five and that was that for Bosen.

1.00pm: Dragan still breathing fire
Instead of being raised out of a pot this time Dragan Jovanovic decided to push all in from under-the-gun and was looked up by Peter Eastgate in the small blind. Eastgate was in good shape with his K♠Q♦ to Jovanovic’s Q♣J♣. Eastgate fell behind though on the action J♠8♠9♠ flop and stayed there through the 3♦ turn and 5♣ river to double Jovanovic up.

12.50pm: Guenni perishes
Bruno Fitoussi is the man in form and he has just sent Jacques Guenni to the rail. Fitoussi opened for 60,000, Guenni moved all in from the big blind and Fitoussi tanked a little before calling the extra 93,000.

Guenni was ahead with his A♠8♠ versus Fitoussi’s 4♦5♦ but the flop brought all kinds of possibilities. It came A♦3♦4♥ and Fitoussi now had a baby pair and a flush draw, against Guenni’s top pair.

The turn was cruel on the short stack. It came 4♣ and Guenni now needed an ace on the river to reclaim the lead and stay in the tournament. He didn’t see it: it was a queen and Guenni is gone in 23rd.

12.49pm: First elimination of the day
Andras Nemeth has become our first player eliminated player, finishing in 24th place. There was a raise from Dragan Jovanovic before Nemeth moved all in. Mike McDonald then cold called from the small blind and that was enough to scare Jovanovic off. Nemeth tabled A-K to McDonald’s J♥J♣ and the board ran 10♠A♦6♦J♠3♠. McDonald fell behind on the flop but managed to retake the lead when he made a set on the turn.

12.48pm: Staszko won’t go
Martin Staszko moved in on the button behind a raise by Jake Cody, but Cody folded. A hand later Freedy Deeb opened for 54,000 and Staszko was there again, raising to 130,000 from the cut off. It was folded back to Deeb who folded. “I wish you’d gone all-in,” said Deeb. “I might have called.”

12.47pm: From the beginning
Nicolo Calia kicked off events on his table, moving all-in from the cut off. Freddy Deeb was in the small blind and asked how much it was, kind of in that way you’d ask how much a bill was for the car your kid just totalled. The answer was 290,000 (a Bugatti perhaps). Deeb passed. “If it was 280 I pay it,” said Deeb. “But not 290.”

12.45pm: Double up
Bruno Fitoussi has doubled up. Stephane Albertini opened for 50,000 and Craig Bergeron, on the button, raised to 131,000. Fitoussi shoved from the small blind for 203,000 and after Albertini folded, Bergeron called.

Bergeron: 10♣3♥
Fitoussi: A♥J♠

There was no outdraw on the board and so Fitoussi’s ace-jack stayed good.

12.35pm: Fireworks fizzle out
The two players with the biggest reputations on the featured table – ElkY and Craig Bergeron – just got involved in the first pot there. ElkY raised to 55,000 in mid-position and Bergeron called from late. The flop came Q♦10♠8♠ and both players checked. The turn was 5♦ and Bergeron now bet 71,000, which ElkY called.

The river was 9♥ and it got interesting, then it fizzled out. Bergeron bet 45,000 and ElkY raised to 177,000. When Bergeron called, it looked like we were seeing our first major chip swing. But ElkY’s pocket jacks were essentially as good as Bergeron’s Q-J. Both had made straights on the river. Chop, chop.


Craig Bergeron: straight chop

12.35pm: Fratty the aggressor
Michael Fratty has started as the aggressor at his table and has taken down the first two pots on offer. The first hand he raised to 56,000 from late position and was called by Team PokerStars Pro Peter Eastgate in the small blind. Both checked the 6♠5♠4♣ flop before Eastgate check-folded to a Fratty bet on the Q♣ turn.

The next hand Philippe Ktorza opened the pot with a raise to 69,000 from under-the-gun but was forced to lay his hand down when Mr Fratty three-bet to 238,000. Fratty, maybe afraid of the image he was creating for himself, showed pocket queens.

12.25pm: Cards, well, they’re in the air
It’s 12.25pm and we’re off on the penultimate day. We play down to eight today.

12pm: Generic intro
Afternoon all, and welcome back to Deauville.

Day three’s proceedings ended with the very last hand of level 22, which means we begin today in level 23, with 75 minutes on the clock. We will play as many of those 75-minute levels as is necessary until we have our final eight.

There will be a 15-minute break at the end of every level – and I’m guessing a few unspecified delays owing to the gremlins infecting all systems, from the technological wizardry of EPT Live down to the bundle at the casino cage where umpteen side events are starting/ending consecutively.

As we await the noon off time, read today’s introduction. Here is the draw for the final three tables:

Table 1
1 – Hugo Lemaire, France, 2,301,000
2 – Alexia Portal, France, 820,000
3 – Nicolo Calia, Italy, 246,000
4 – David Morante, Spain, 883,000
5 – Freddy Deeb, USA, 662,000
6 – Jake Cody, UK, 1,108,000
7 – Martin Staszko, Czech Republic, 594,000
8 – Teodor Caraba, Romania, 3,220,000

Table 2
1 – Robert Cezarescu, Romania, 531,000
2 – Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier, 1,220,000
3 – Jacques Guenni, France, 164,000
4 – Harry Touil, France, 485,000
5 – Peter Bosen, Germany, 260,000
6 – Stephane Albertini, France, 719,000
7 – Craig Bergeron, USA, 1,447,000
8 – Bruno Fitoussi, France, 237,000

Table 3
1 – Michael Fratty, France, 728,000
2 – Mike McDonald, USA, 1,895,000
3 – George Secara, Romania, 1,525,000
4 – Peter Eastgate, Denmark, 1,220,000
5 – Khier Rezaik, France, 499,000
6 – Dragan Jovanovic, Austria, 330,000
7 – Philippe Ktorza, France, 738,000
8 – Andras Nemeth, Hungary, 694,000

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PokerStars Blog reporting team: Howard Swains, Marc Convey, Stephen Bartley and Simon Young


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