EPT Deauville Day 5: Gulyy’s keeping it in the family

February 08, 2013

One of the more conspicuous sights on the rail right now is that of Andrey Gulyy, a tall Russian player in an orange baseball cap railing one of the players. He stands, mostly, but sometimes he sits. But when he does his leg bounces a little and he’s soon back on his feet. It’s hard job railing someone, particularly when it’s your dad.

Andrey is the son of Yury Gulyy, who is currently among the last 16 players in the ETP Deauville main event. So far it’s going well for Gulyy senior, who at the start of the previous level had enough chips not to be considered critical. But neither Gulyy is fooled into thinking anything about this is easy.


Andrey Gulyy keeping calm

“I believe in him for sure,” said Andrey, who started playing poker himself four years ago aged 18, the same time his dad took to hold’em. “I think it’s tough. The game is very quick right now. Big blinds and stacks are not very big. Luck is important at this stage of the tournament. I hope my father can win. He’s good, a push-bot.”

Gulyy has never been far away today, either on the rail or positioned in front of one of the television screens showing the action from EPT Live. Occasionally his father will say something from the table between hands and Andrey will reply. For his part, dad Yury looks like he’s enjoying every second.


Yury Gulyy earlier this week

“I try to help him with some situations,” said Andrey. “He explains to me what kind of cards he had in some spots. I try to help him with what he has to do right now and where he has to fold or bet.”

But while it’s easy to think that the pressure is on Yury it is Andrey who is suffering. A solid player himself, with more than $330,000 in live career earnings (Gulyy senior has $235,222), it’s not exactly easy watching from the rail.


Gulyy junior sitting it out on the rail

“It’s the first time I’m rooting for my father in a deep run,” he said. “It’s very tough. Because I’m nervous for all of the day. It’s so bad. I didn’t know it was so tough.

All this was punctuated with nervous laughter as Andrey looked on. “It’s easier to play, for sure.”

Follow the action from the tournament floor on our live coverage page, with everything there to watch for yourself on EPT Live.

Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter


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