EPT Deauville: Day 4, level 26 live updates

January 24, 2010


7.10pm: Ay Caraba!
Stephane Albertini opened from early position, making it 110,000, and Jake Cody called late. The pot wasn’t done, however, as Teodor Caraba squeezed to 355,000 from the small blind. Albertini was persuaded out of it a little quicker than Cody was, but they eventually both did let it go.

7.05pm: ElkY muscles Fratty
Michael Fratty, Jake Cody and ElkY see a flop — ElkY raised and the other two came along. The board came 3♥K♣10♣ and Fratty bet 115,000. ElkY re-raised to 310,000 and Fratty let it go.

6.50pm: ElkY and his ladies
If you were following us yesterday, you’ll have seen there was a €300 Ladies Event here in Deauville. It was quite a success, with 89 players taking part. Including four men. What? Well French law forbade banning blokes from playing. So the chaps sat down and got light-hearted cat calls and applause when they busted, one by one. That, by the way, was better than the light-hearted boos they got when they arrived.

The event was won by Audrey Guyonvarch from France, who collected €5,800. Ten were paid in all, and not one of them a man.

A great feature of the event was the number of “ElkY Ladies” taking part. There were 15 of them, as this video featuring the great man explains…

Watch EPT Deauville 2010: ElkY Ladies on PokerStars.tv

6.40pm: Eastgate makes a move
Short-stacked Peter Eastgate moves all-in and is called by Craig Bergeron. Eastgate turned over A♣Q♠ against Bergeron’s K♠Q♥. All smiles before the board of 7♠Q♣4♦3♣J♣ and Eastgate doubles up. We play on.

6.35pm: Picked off on the river
Claudius Secara raised once more and this time was called by Stephane Albertini in the small blind to go to a J♥7♣10♠ flop. Both players checked to see the 2♥ turn where Albertini led out for 125,000. Call. The river came 3♥ before Albertini checked to face a 280,000 bet from Secara. The Frenchman took his time but made a great call with pocket fives and Secara could only muster K-Q.

6.25pm: Made in Romania
In the first pot of note in nine-handed play, Claudius Secara raised to 110,000 and was called by fellow countryman Teodor Caraba to go to a Q♣5♦8♠ flop. Both players checked through to the J♦ turn where Caraba bet 200,000. Too much for Secara as he folded.


Teodor Caraba: yet more chips

6.10pm: Here we go…
… cards are in the air again.

5.55pm: That seat draw, in full
As promised, here’s how the players will line up for the “not-the-final table” last table. Checks those chips as well, two goodies for the price of one..

1 – Claudius Secara, Romania, 1,545,000
2 -Jake Cody, UK, 4,510,000
3 – Michael Fratty, France, 1,590,000
4 – Teodor Caraba, Romania, 5,090,000
5 – ElkY, France, 1,100,000
6 – Peter Eastgate, Denmark, 310,000
7 – Craig Bergeron, USA, 4,175,000
8 – Stephane Albertini, France, 2,595,000
9 – Mike McDonald, Candada, 1,720,000

5.45pm: Last action from the outer table
Alexia Portal’s elimination means we are down to one table of nine players. But ahead of that there was some jousting on the outer table (now closed), where really only Peter Eastgate is under threat and the other four are comfortable.

Mike McDonald is by far the most active player, but he isn’t necessarily having it all his own way. He raised from the button to 110,000 and Jake Cody made it 260,000, including his big blind. McDonald mucked.

Better for McDonald a couple of hands later. He made it 110,000 under-the-gun and Michael Fratty called in the big blind. The flop came 7♣J♥A♣ and they both checked. The turn was 8♦, which they also both checked, to see a 5♥ river. Fratty checked, McDonald bet 140,000 and Fratty called. Timex tabled Q♣Q♥ and took it.

Full counts for the remaining nine, and details of the redraw, are imminent.

5.40pm: Portal out
Alexia Portal is out, eliminated two places from her first final table appearance. After Stephane Albertini opened for 105,000 Portal announced all-in for 450,000. Action returned to Albertini who tanked for a while, counting his chips, lining them up like toys before announcing “call”. He showed 5♦5♣ to Portal’s A♠J♦. The board ran 6♥Q♠9♣8♣10♠ sending Portal out… to the disappointment of the local crowd, and a few more as well.

Just nine players remain, and we’re now on to one table. There’s a redraw, and we’ll have that and current chips with you very shortly.


Alexia Portal: out in tenth

5.35pm: Pressure Poker
Craig Bergeron led out for 295,000 on a K♦8♥4♠ flop and was called by his heads-up opponent Stephane Albertini. Albertini had been the initial raiser pre-flop before calling Bergeron’s three-bet. Bergeron kept up the pressure on the 4♣ turn with 460,000 bet. Albertini thought for a while but folded.

5.30pm: Teodor Caraba
The video team caught up with chip leader and PokerStars qualifier Teodor Caraba a little earlier. Here’s what he had to say…

Watch EPT Deauville 2010: Teodor Caraba Day 4 on PokerStars.tv

5.20pm: Off we go again
We’re in to level 26. Here are the hard facts: ten players are left, and we need to lose two more before we can call it a day and come back tomorrow for our final table of eight. All remaining players – see their chip counts here – are now guaranteed a €51,500 pay day, but that’s peanuts compared to the first prize on offer here, a cool €847,000. And don’t forget, they get a squeaky clean trophy as well. And here it is…


EPT Deauville trophy: Polished

PokerStars Blog reporting team: Stephen Bartley, Howard Swains, Marc Convey and Simon Young


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