EPT Deauville: Day 4, level 25 live updates

January 24, 2010


4.44pm: A few small hands from both tables
From the feature table:

Stephane Albertini makes it 94,000 and ElkY calls in the big blind. They both check the 5♥10♥7♦ flop and then when Albertini checks the 8♥ turn, ElkY bets 122,000, which takes it down.

ElkY was at it again soon after, against Claudius Secara, but with lesser success. The two saw a flop of 5♦Q♠10♥ and ElkY bet 40,000. Secara called. The turn was 2♠ and ElkY slowed down, check-calling Secara’s 45,000 bet. The river was 8♠ and this time ElkY checked again, Secara bet 80,000 and ElkY raised to 266,000. The check-raise on the river, an ElkY speciality, didn’t work this time. Secara called and ElkY was forced to show
5♣9♦. Secara had Q♣2♣ and two pair was good.


ElkY: Does not win pot, shock

On the outer table:

Michael Fratty and Mike McDonald got involved in a battle of the blinds, unraised. The flop came 10♠Q♦3♥ and Fratty bet 60,000. McDonald called. The turn was A♦ and Fratty bet 140,000, McDonald called. The river was 4♠ and when they both checked, Fratty showed Q♥10♥ and won.

Jake Cody wouldn’t have stood for that. When he raised from the button, Fratty called in the big blind. The flop came A♥Q♥4♥ and Fratty check-folded to Cody’s 125,000 continuation bet.

4.34pm: Elky gives up
Team PokerStars Pro ElkY raised to 88,000 from under-the-gun and was only called by Stephane Albertini on the button. ElkY continued his aggression with an 111,000 bet on the A♥10♣5♥ flop and he was calmly called by Albertini. That was enough to stop ElkY putting another chip in the pot as he checked the 3♥ turn and 3♠ river. Albertini obliged by checking behind him – and then took the pot when his A♦9♥ bettered ElkY’s 10♠6♣.

4.26pm: Staszko slain, down to ten
The tournament short stack Martin Staszko moved all in twice in succession. The first time he got it through, picking up blinds and antes, but the second time he was called by the one-man wrecking machine Stephane Albertini.

Staszko: A♣J♥
Albertini: A♦K♣

The flop did not help the all in player at all. It came: A♥6♠Q♠ and when the turn was 5♠ he was drawing mighty thin. It didn’t come on the river and that’s Czech-mate for Staszko.


Martin Staszko: Out-kicked, out

4.20pm: Portal into another level
Alexia Portal moved all-in from the cut off. Mike McDonald asked for an exact count, 277,000 the reply. 6♣6♠ for Portal, A♥9♥ for McDonald. The board came 10♣7♦7♠5♥J♥, giving Portal a crucial double up.

4.15pm: Two pots taken on the flop
The flop was 2♠7♦5♦ and Teodor Caraba led for 130,000 before Michael Fratty raised to 400,000 leaving himself 1,200,000 behind. Caraba asked for a count and then re-raised to 900,000, effectively telling his opponent they were playing for stacks. Fratty didn’t fancy that, though, and folded.

The very next hand saw Mike McDonald raise from the small blind to 90,000. Team PokerStars Pro Peter Eastgate called but then folded to a 100,000 bet on the 4♥7♦3♦ flop.

4.05pm: Deeb done
Freddy Deeb is out. He had an on-off love affair with the ace of clubs yesterday (mainly off) and he’s now been eliminated with that card in his hand.

Deeb open shoved from early position for 219,000 and Stephane Albertini called from the blinds. Deeb had A♣, of course, partnered by the 8♦. Albertini had 7♥7♦.

The flop only favoured Albertini: Q♥9♥5♥, meaning Deeb was now drawing to non-heart aces or eights. Neither of them came on turn or river and Deeb was out.


Freddy Deeb: Done in Deauville

4pm: New chip leader
Teodor Caraba opened for 90,000 which Mike McDonald called from the button. The flop came 5♣4♦K♣. Caraba made it 160,000 which McDonald called for a J♥ turn card. Caraba now made it 360,000. McDonald, blinking behind mirrored sunglasses went to his chips, took two towers of red, raising to 880,000. Caraba looked at his cards again. “How much more?” he asked, then calling.

The river came Q♥. Caraba checked. McDonald asked how much Caraba had behind. “Around two million,” came the reply. But McDonald checked again. A♣10♣ for Caraba. A huge hand and a huge pot to the Romanian. McDonald did poker’s equivalent of Lamaze breathing, not quite believing it but remaining calm. He’s down to 2,700,000. Caraba into the lead with 4,600,000.


Teodor Caraba: Big stack

3.55pm: Cezarescu busted
Robert Cezarescu, the runaway chip leader after our two day one fields came together for day two, faced a 94,000 bet from Stephane Albertini and moved all in for 164,000 more. Call. The Romanian had 3♠3♦ and had to dodge the bullets from Albertini’s A♦8♦. It was grim from the flop onwards, as the board ran 5♣9♦8♠7♥A♥.

3.45pm: Fitoussi floored; prepare for another outdraw
These online guys, they love a vicious bust-out don’t they. After Jake Cody beat Hugo Lemaire’s kings with ten-four off, Craig “HU4ROLLZ” Bergeron has just accounted for Bruno Fitoussi. The hands? Fitoussi had J♦J♠ and Bergeron had 5♣8♣. And they got it all in pre-flop of course.

Fitoussi opened from under-the-gun, Bergeron shoved when it was folded to him in the big blind, and Fitoussi snapped him off.

The flop, turn and river were like a tourniquet gradually tightening around the neck of Fitoussi, made all the more excruciating by the delayed reveal demanded by TV. The first three cards were 5♦6♣K♥, giving Bergeron the bottom pair. The 3♣ turned, now adding a flush draw, and the river 10♣ was the killer.

Fitoussi is strangled out in 14th, winning €22,000. Bergeron adds a million.

3.40pm: Welcome back
We’re back for level 25. That means blinds are up to 20,000-40,000 with a 4,000 ante. Just 14 players remain – and we’re closing in fast on the final eight who will come back tomorrow. Chips are fully updated, get them on the chip count page now.

While we wait for play to get under way, here’s a pic of French player Michael Fratty, still going strong with nearly 1.9million chips.


Michael Fratty: A Frenchman

PokerStars Blog reporting team: Marc Convey, Stephen Bartley, Howard Swains and Simon Young


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