EPT Deauville: Day 4, level 24 live updates

January 24, 2010


3.23pm: Harry can’t magic his way out of this spot
Harry Touil was under-the-gun and moved his short stack all in. Craig Bergeron was in mid-position and was the only one to make the call. Touil opened K♣Q♣ was in really bad shape against Bergeron’s K♥K♦. The board ran 3♠7♣7♦3♣J♣ to eliminate Touil in 15th place for €22,000.

And that’s the end of the level. We’re on a 15-minute break. Don’t go away.

3.15pm: Timex outdraws Morante for the final time
What a miserable day this has been for David Morante, who has just suffered another sickening outdraw and is now on the rail in 16th.

It was folded to Mike McDonald in the small blind and he raised to 75,000. Morante re-raised from the big blind, making it 205,000. McDonald announced that he was all in and Morante snap called.

McDonald: 4♦4♠
Morante: 7♦7♣

This flop made grim reading for the Spanish player: 5♦4♣3♦ and although he had outs – any six or one of the two sevens – the turn was Q♣ and the river 2♦. Adios Morante; McDonald adds another 1,100,000.


Mike McDonald: Executioner

3.10pm: One for Morante
David Morante just won a pot but I think he’ll be just as happy he didn’t have to battle Jake Cody for once to win it. He raised to 68,000 from mid-position and was called by Michael Fratty in the big blind to go to a 2♥4♦4♣ flop. Fratty check-called a 76,000 bet and then did the same to a 146,000 bet on the Q♦ turn. Both players then checked through the 6♦ river and Morante took the pot with 3♠3♥.

3.05pm: Table line ups
With only two tables remaining the gaps have been filled, leaving the lines ups looking like this:

Feature table
Seat 1 – Robert Cezarescu
Seat 2 – Bertrand Grospellier
Seat 3 – Freddy Deeb
Seat 4 – Harry Touil
Seat 5 – George Secara
Seat 6 – Stephane Albertini
Seat 7 – Craig Bergeron
Seat 8 – Bruno Fitoussi

Outer table
Seat 1 – Michael Fratty
Seat 2 – Alexia Portal
Seat 3 – Mike McDonald
Seat 4 – David Morante
Seat 5 – Peter Eastgate
Seat 6 – Jake Cody
Seat 7 – Martin Staszko
Seat 8 – Teodor Caraba

2.57pm: Eastgate the assassin
The PokerStars Blog prize for the Player Most Likely to Make A Marginal Call and Knock Out a Player goes to Peter Eastgate. Again. He took us through the day-end bubble in London, then again through the cash bubble here, and he has just accounted for Khier Rezaik in an all-in-pre-flop coup here to take us down to two tables.

Here’s how it happened. Eastgate opened to 70,000 under-the-gun and Rezaik moved all in for 347,000 more. Eastgate barely blinked before counting out the chips and calling, then showed K♣Q♠. Rezaik tabled 7♥7♠ and they were off to the races.

The flop was good for Rezaik: 6♠6♥9♠ but the K♥ turned and the 5♣
on the river was not one of Rezaik’s outs.

Eastgate moves to more than a million again, while Rezaik moves over to the
cash cage, out in 17th for €18,400.

Down to two tables, which are being balanced now. Counts and draw to follow.


EPT Deauville feature table

2.56pm: Oh my! That Lemaire bust out in full
Hold on to your seats, people, this one is pretty nasty. Hugo Lemaire started off proceedings with a 70,000 raise before Jake Cody three-bet to 193,000. Lemaire seemed interested as he quickly slipped of his headphones to hear the total raise. He then raised again to a total of 410,000. “How much do you have?” asked Cody.

“One point three million behind, so one point seven total,” was the reply.

Cody sat in silence for a minute then announced he was all in – and the call was instant. Both had similar sized stacks so this pot was worth around 3.5million. Cody calmly opened the huge 10♠4♣ and saw he was in great trouble against his opponent’s K♠K♥.

This game can be so cruel, though, and so it proved on the 6♦5♠3♦A♦7♣. An all action flop brought an open-ended straight draw for the young Brit and it duly came in on the river to take the monster pot. A quick countdown of the chips also confirmed the elimination in 18th place of the unlucky Hugo Lemaire.

2.44pm: Lemaire busts in a shocker
Details with you soon, but let me tell you it ain’t pretty.

2.37pm: Albertini moves all-in
Peter Eastgate opened for 72,000 under the gun. Two seats along was Stephane Albertini who announced all-in. Eastgate called and turned over A♥Q♠, covering Albertini who showed A♠9♥. The board came 7♣K♠K♣10♠7♠. A split pot.

2.29pm: And another one down
Nicolo Calia is out in one of those sort-of, mini coolers where the cards played themselves. Folded to the Italian in the small blind, he shoved his short stack of about 250,000 in and was called by another shorty, David Morante, in the big.

Calia: A♠9♣
Morante: 6♣6♠

Both players were happy with their chances: “Coin flip,” said Calia, as he shook Morante’s hand. This time the pocket pair held as the board ran J♦K♥5♦8♠J♠. Calia leaves us in 19th.


David Morante: Sees of an Italian

2.27pm: Ktorza dominated in show down
Another blind battle, all-in show down has resulted in Philippe Ktorza being eliminated in 20th place. He was sat in the small blind and his all in was called by Michael Fratty in the big blind. Ktorza opened A♦10♠ but he was dominated by Fratty’s A♠Q♥ and the board ran K♦6♥2♦7♣Q♦.

2.23pm: A clanger
The pre-flop action from this hand was missed owing to the distraction of the camera boom clanging the set. With the flop showing 4♠7♦9♠ Michael Fratty made it 40,000 from the big blind before Peter Eastgate raised to 140,000 from the cut off. Philippe Ktorza was still in the hand in the small blind, but not for long. He folded, sending the action back to Fratty who also made way for Eastgate.


Peter Eastgate: building chips

2.15pm: It’s good to share
George Secara opened for 70,000 and was called by Philippe Ktorza for a flop of 7♣6♠3♠. Both checked for a turn card K♣ and then again for a 10♣ on the river. Here Ktorza bet small and was called by Secara, both players showing ace-ten for a split.

2.10pm: They’re at it again
The way David Morante and Jake Cody are going at it today you’d think it was personal. Action folded around to Morante in the small blind who raised to 76,000 only to be three-bet to 171,000 from his British neighbor in the big blind. In an instant Morante moved all in and Cody called. Morenate tabled A♠10♥ to Cody’s Q♦Q♠. Nearly two million chips in the middle as the board came 4♥K♣5♣2♦9♣. Cody doubled up to close to 2million, and Morante back down to 550,000.

2pm: Back for level 24
We have 20 players left in the marathon that is EPT Deauville. That’s still three tables, one of which is the ‘feature’ table, and that you can see live on our EPT Live broadcast. We’ve been busy collecting all the necessary info to bring you the very latest chip counts. And guess what? You can see that by going to the chip count page.

Players are now returning to the tables. and cards will be in the air very soon. Meanwhile feast your eyes on Team PokerStars Pro ElkY, home favorite, and still gunning for his second EPT title…

_MG_1193_Neil Stoddart.jpg

ElkY: French and still in

PokerStars Blog reporting team: Stephen Bartley, Howard Swains, Marc Convey and Simon Young


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