EPT Deauville: Day 3, level 22 live updates

January 23, 2010


10.35pm: Man down on last hand
We were due to play down to 24 players or finish seven levels, whichever came first. Amazingly they both came at the same time, with Stefan Fuchs busting on the last scheduled hand of the night.

He pushed with pocket queens but ran into Hugo Lemaire’s aces, and the board was no help, running 9-J-5-4-2.

So that’s it, we’re set for tomorrow with 24 players remaining. A full wrap of today’s excitement will be with you soon. In the meantime look over on the chip count page for the official stats.

10.40pm: the Schleger hand
It was a big one. Shane Schleger moved all-in behind a raise from Mike McDonald. Peter Eastgate called and so did Mike McDonald.

McDonald: K♣K♠
Schleger: A♠8♥
Eastgate: K♦K♥

It was the second hand that McDonald would use kings to see off a player, this time combining with Eastgate. Schleger needed an ace and the board ran: 3♦4♠9♦6♠2♦. Schleger gone. Down to 25.

10.35pm: Schleger out
Shane Schleger’s tournament is over. How it played out will no doubt eventually come out, but the essential facts are that Schleger had ace-eight when both Mike McDonald and Peter Eastgate had kings. They chopped up Schleger’s stack between them.

We’re now playing the final five hands of the day.

10.25pm: Three million pot
Wowsers. We have a new chip leader. Teodor Caraba called from the big blind after Luke Marsh had raised to 51,000 and Craig Bergeron called from the button. They saw a flop of A♥Q♥2♣ which Caraba checked. Marsh bet 95,000 and Bergeron called. Caraba now sprung a trap, making it 400,000. Marsh tanked but eventually moved all in, which persuaded Bergeron out of it. Not Caraba, who called with pocket deuces for bottom set and was way ahead of Marsh’s A♦K♦.

The turn and river gave no miracles to Marsh, who departs. But Caraba is crushing now with about 3,200,000.

10.22pm: Levi moves in
A mighty table put together thanks to the luck of the draw; table four now features Mike McDonald, Nicolas Levi, Shane Schleger and Peter Eastgate. Although by the time you finish reading this little ramble one of them will have busted.

On a flop of 5♦3♦Q♦ Mike McDonald made it 66,000 which Peter Eastgate, the only other player in the hand, called on the button. The turn came 7♠ which McDonald checked. Eastgate made it 107,000, good to take the pot.

On the next hand Levi moved all in from under the gun. The action was folded to the blinds, eventually reaching Mike McDonald in the big. He looked at his cards and insta-called, turning over K♥K♦. Levi showed Q♦J♦. The board gave him some hope on the turn but killed that off on the river: 9♦4♠7♥10♦2♣. Levi out. McDonald up to more than 1,500,000.

10.15pm: Touil out
Samuel Touil is also out. On a board reading A♠J♠2♠4♣ he got it all in with 8-4 offsuit and was called by Mike McDonald with K♠10♠ for the flush draw. The river was 3♣, and Touil was gone.

10.10pm: Big ouch
Imed Ben Mahmoud is out in unlucky circumstances. He pushed with K♣K♦ for around 120,000 and was called by Martin Staszko with Q♣Q♥. Staszko had him covered by 25,000. The board ran 8♣Q♠4♥J♠Q♦, making quads for Staszko, and sending Mahmoud to the rail.

10.05pm: Deeb again
Freddy Deeb made it 23,000 on a flop of 4♠Q♠J♣ after Peter Bosen checked. Bosen then called for a Q♥ on the turn which he and Deeb checked for a A♦ on the river. Bosen checked again to Deeb who this time made it another 76,000 to play. With a pass from Bosen, Deeb happily showed the A♣, taking the pot.

10pm: Another faller
Michael Dubert is out, his long day at the table ended by Hugo Lemaire after he moved in with 8♣8♦. Lemaire called with 6♥10♥ which were immediately bolstered by a flop of 10♦4♥10♣. The J♥ on the turn and K♥ on the river didn’t help. With a handshake a a few “good games” Dubert made his way to the rail.

9.50pm: Chips
The chip count page is fully accurate and up to date. It’s in the usual place. (Why not bookmark it?)

9.45pm: One from the last level
On a flop of 10♠6♥10♦ and minutes into the break at the end of level 21, Alexia Portal and Hugo Lemaire were still deep in a hand. Portal had bet 60,000 and Lemaire was working through solutions. He called for a 7♥ turn card. Portal made it another 150,000 now which Lemaire called. Then a river card 2♦. Both checked, Portal showing A♥A♠ as Lemaire mucked. A huge hand five minutes into the break. Portal, making the most of the time she had left, left her chips unstacked. When tied by the dealer they measured 897,000.

9.35pm: Last level
Come what may, this is the last level of the day. The target remains 24 players, or three tables of eight, but there are still 32 hardy souls still out there and there’s a chance that eight of them won’t have surrendered by the end. If we play another 75 minutes and there are still more than 24 left, we’ll call it a day anyway.

At this stage, everyone is chasing the Hungarian player Andras Nemeth, who has more than two million in chips. Click all those links on the black widget in the right-hand navigation for all the key data, including chip counts.

And then take a look at the man ahead of the pack:


Andras Nemeth, leader on day 3 at EPT Deauville

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