EPT Deauville: Day 3, level 21 live updates

January 23, 2010


9.15pm: Etiquette issues
There have been a few problems of etiquette here in Deauville and Shane Schleger was just on the receiving end of the most recent occurrence. The tournament director Thomas Kremser announced a 15-minute break just as the dealer on table four was in the middle of a deal. It would be the last hand of the level.

Mike McDonald folded under-the-gun, then Nicolas Levi folded to his left. Both stood up. Schleger, next to act, put out a raise to 40,000 and Samuel Touil, in the seat to Schleger’s immediate left, thought about his decision for a moment.

_MG_1305_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Shane Schleger smiling earlier

The problem was that George Secara, Phillippe Ktorza and Harry Touli all got up from their chairs, pushed their cards forward, and left the tournament area, all essentially acting out of turn, much to Schleger’s dismay.

The floor was called. “I just want people not to act out of turn,” said Schleger and Kremser did the only thing he could, telling Schleger that he’d caution the three players when they returned to the table after the break.

Touil folded, as did Jean Bernard Bot, who had at least remained at the table in the big blind. Schleger picked up blinds and antes and headed off for the last 10 minutes of his break.

A little earlier, he was snared by our video blog team…

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9.10pm: Good grief
Two big stacks clash. Craig Bergeron makes it 35,000, Andras Nemeth makes it 100,000, Bergeron makes it 202,000 – then Nemeth moves all in! Bergeron thinks for a little then mucks.

A monster for Nemeth, you’d think? He shows K♠10♣.

9.05pm: Eastgate takes a chunk out of Cody
Peter Eastgate raised to 38,000 from the cut off and Jake Cody, in the big blind, seemed interested. He called. The two of them were alone to a flop of 10♠7♥6♠ and Cody check-called Eastgate’s 44,000 bet.


Peter Eastgate

They both checked the 9♠ turn, which filled all manner of draws, and they saw a 9♦ river. Cody bet 140,000 and Eastgate thought a long time (for him, anyway) before calling.

Cody showed A♠10♥ which seemed to be a lot less than Eastgate was expecting. The Danish Team Pro tabled 6♥6♦ for the flopped set and rivered boat, earning him that 250,000 pot.

8.50pm: ElkY kills another
ElkY makes it 36,000 and Antoine Arnault moves all in for 62,000. It’s folded back to ElkY who makes an automatic call with K♥8♦. Arnault has 3♣3♥, and although he’s ahead, it does not last as the board runs 2♥K♦4♣4♠Q♥. Another man down – that’s 32 left now.

8.40pm: At the double
Two hands, two double ups. First Harry Touil recovered from the brink of disaster against Mike McDonald. He was all in for 227,000 with A-Q and got called by Timex’ A-9. A horror 8-9-10 flop sent McDonald into the lead, the 5 turn changed nothing, but the J on the river filled Touil’s straight. He’s now up to 460,000.

On the next table another drama was unfolding. PokerStars qualifier Martin Staszko was all in for 167,000 with A♣J♥ but got a call from David Morante holding Q♥Q♦. The board ran J♣A♥7♣5♠K♠, giving Staszko soar to 340,000.

8.30pm: The sorry saga of Freddy Deeb and the ace of clubs
There’s a lot of action in this little update, almost all of it featuring Freddy Deeb and the ace of clubs. There are also a couple of double ups, a bit of bullying, and some good table chatter. Stick with it.

_MG_1260_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Freddy Deeb

We join it with Deeb on the button. He raises to 36,000 and Robert Cezarescu moves all in from the big blind, for 193,000 more. Deeb dwells and dwells and dwells and then tries to get something from the Romanian with some table talk.

“Do you want to take it back?” Deeb asks. “Huh? No? I think the floor would let you take it back.”

Deeb shows A♣10♣ and folds, saying: “I haven’t made a big lay-down so far today. One big lay-down per day, ElkY, that’s all I make. So now we’re going to gamble.”

ElkY, in the one seat, replied: “I make one a week.”

On the next hand, Deeb opened to 35,000 in the cut off and Alexia Portal, on the button, raised to 80,000.

“I thought I mucked that hand,” Deeb said as he flipped A♣ and folded. “Didn’t I muck it? I mucked it but it came back.”

On the next hand, Michel Dubert raised to 45,000 under-the-gun and Deeb folded, among others. But Cezarescu, now with the button in front of him, raised all in. Dubert didn’t seem too comfortable as Cezarescu’s near 250,000 stack was not that much smaller than his own. But he called and showed 10♦10♠, taking him to the races against Cezarescu’s A♦K♥.

It didn’t last long. The window card was A♠ and the rest of the board ran 5♠8♥7♦4♠ to double up Cezarescu to 540,000. Dubert was left with less than 130,000.

“I had ace-ten there as well,” Deeb said.

The next hand was relatively tame: Antoine Arnault, short stacked, shoved from the small blind and got it through.

Deeb was back on the next hand, though. He raised to 35,000 under-the-gun and Cezarescu made it an even 100,000 from two seats to his left. Deeb open folded A♦10♠ saying: “You play too good buddy. Go ahead.”

We weren’t done. On the next hand, the short stacked Dubert shoved from early position – it was 123,000. Deeb called and wouldn’t you know it, he had A♣7♥, which was way ahead of Dubert’s 9♥J♠.

The flop made Deeb’s hand better, but it also helped Dubert’s hopes of a double up. It came: A♥K♥8♥. The turn was a clinching 5♥, giving the bigger flush to Dubert and doubling him up.

“I had ace ten five hands in a row and didn’t win one of them,” said Deeb, not entirely accurately, but we take his point – and his lamentations.

8.25pm: Bergeron ‘az Bazin
Craig Bergeron opened for a bet big enough to put Stephane Bazin all in should he decide to call. He thought about it for a long time and resigned to his fate called, showing 8♥4♦. Bergeron showd A♥4♥. The board came 9♥10♠2♣K♠10♦. Bazin had already wished everyone good luck on the turn and was gone before the river.

8.20pm: Fuchs down against Fratty
Stefan Fuchs moved all-in. The action was folded to Michael Fratty who could hardly contain his excitement. “I call.” Naturally Fratty showed A♠A♥, for Fuchs 9♥9♣. The board proffered no surprises: Q♦K♣K♥7♦8♥. Fratty said “Allez!” three times then a few words to himself, like a prayer. He’s up. Fuchs is down.

8.15pm: Marsh wins monster
Luke Marsh wins a huge 1.3 million pot, eliminating Benjamin Juhasz in the process. Juhasz kicked it off opening for 36,000 and UK PokerStars qualifier Luke Marsh re-raised to 90,000. Juhasz moved all-in and got a quick call from Marsh.

Juhasz: 3♣3♥
Marsh: Q♥Q♠

Marsh had 645,000, covering Juhasz by barely 25,000. He was on course for a massive win – and the flop came 6♦Q♣K♣ to seal it. The 9♦ was irrelevant, and the 3♦ an added kick in the teeth for Juhasz.

8.10pm: Chips
Those chips on the chip count page are now full and updated. So if it’s full and updated chip counts you want, you should head on over to the chip count page where you’ll find the chip counts of all the remaining players. Chips, chips and chips. To put it another way:


8.05pm: Looking good
Antoine Arnault moved all-in and was called by Freddy Deeb on the button. The blinds folded, leaving them both to it. J♠10♦ for Arnault, 3♥3♣ for Deeb. The board came 8♥7♥7♠9♥K♣ giving Arnault the straight. “Good hand,” said Deeb. Arnault lives on with a double up.

Oleh Okhotskyi has also doubled up. He was behind with ace-queen against the jacks of Michael Fratty but crucially he had the Q♥. The river card was a fourth heart, giving Okhotskyi the flush.

7.55pm: Pedigree
Looking down the list of remaining players and there are some extremely notable names there. Both Mike “Timex” McDonald and Betrand “ElkY” Grospellier are previous EPT champions and could be on for that elusive double. They each have close to a million. Peter Eastgate has won some tournament or another (and came second in London last year), while Nicolas Levi and Freddy Deeb are no stranger to the deep stages of these tournaments either.

7.50pm: Blinds up
We’re back, again, for level 21.

_MG_1250_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Freddy Deeb

PokerStars blog reporting team: Stephen Bartley, Howard Swains and Simon Young.


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