EPT Deauville: Day 3, level 20 live updates

January 23, 2010


7.41pm: End of the level
You know the routine by now – players are going on a 15-minute break. 38 players are left, we need to get down to 24 for the night to be done, or to the end of level 22, whichever comes first.

7.40pm: Oh Oui!
Michael Fratty is all on for 166,000 and Jean Bot weighs up his options. He covers Fratty and makes the call.

Fratty: K♥9♣
Bot: A♠Q♦

Bot was in good shape and the 3♠6♠8♠ flop was just what the doctor ordered – no pair for Fratty and Bot now had the nut flush draw as well. The turn was 10♣, opening an unlikely straight draw for Fratty, so long as it was not the 7♠. And it was not. Instead, it was the 7♣.

“Oh oui, oh oui, oh oui!” shrieked Fratty, who now has more than 300,000.

7.35pm: Guenni doubles up. DOUBLES UP!!!!!!
One by one the ludicrous, whooping buffoons excitable personalities of EPT Deauville have busted today, but one remains: Jacques Guenni. “I’m all in! I’m all in!” he shouted to his friends on the rail moments ago as he was indeed all in. It was for his last 151,000 and what’s more, Benjamin Juhasz, the PokerStars qualifier from Hungary, had called. “Let’s gamble!” screeched Guenni.

He was in good shape, though, tabling A♥Q♦ against Juhasz’s A♣J♠. The window card was Q♣ “Good!” said Guenni. The next card was A♦. “Good,” said Guenni, and the rest of the board: 6♣6♦J♦ was greeted by the chorus of “Double up! Double up!”

It was. He now has more than 300,000. Juhasz’s stack is barely troubled.

7.27pm: Put your hands together
So far this week in Deauville the only clapping has come from the Ladies event, currently taking place on the raised area at the end of the tournament room. It’s the happiest, most good natured event on any poker calendar. That was until Alexia Portal just one a hand that leaves her with nearly 600,000.

With the board already reading 5♣5♠10♣7♣3♣ there was more than 250,000 in the pot. Portal had moved in for 320,000 with Jake Cody left to act, hidden beneath a red hoodie and whatever music was pumping through his headphones. While he thought Portal simply stared at the board. Players at the other end of the table talked behind their hands. One player called time.

There was no need though. Cody mucked at once. Portal suddenly inhaled, leaning back, turning over A♦Q♠ and grinning as she tried to relax again. The applause came from a hundred or so railbirds crowding the tournament area. A crowd favourite for sure.

7.25pm: Mover and Schleger
Shane Schleger must have sat on about six different tables today, but he’s been accumulating chips efficiently wherever he’s been. He’s just taken a pot from Harry Touil when he bet 58,000 on the river, looking at a board of 10♣10♦7♦A♠2♥. Touil called and Schleger didn’t find the need to follow a worrying local trend for slow-rolling. “I have a ten,” Schleger said and showed Q♣10♠. Touil mucked as Schleger closes in on about 600,000.

The seat to “shaniac”‘s left is currently unoccupied. That was where Javed Abrahams had sat for most of the day, but it’s fair to assume the young Brit’s tournament is now over.

7.15pm: Nemeth on the rampage
“Bad beated,” said Armijn Meijer as he left the table, out. And it was in the strictest sense, but only just. It was a battle of the blinds where it looked like he had shoved from the small and the monster stacked Andras Nemeth called from the big blind.

Meijer had A♦2♦ and that was better than Nemeth’s Q♥8♥. But the flop had other ideas, bringing a queen and sending Nemeth into the lead and Meijer to the cash desk.

7.10pm: Noise gone
One of the last, if not the last of the noisy players is out. We can enjoy a bit more peace. That man is Alain Taieb, who moved all in with 6♣6♥ for around 200,000 and got a call from Hugo Lemaire with A♦Q♥. The flop did the damage, coming J♠9♦Q♦ and the J♦ turn and 9♠ turn confirmed his exit.

One last loud “Non!” and smack of the table, and that’s the last we’ll see, or hear, of Monsieur Taieb.

7.05pm: ElkY claims another victim
This time it’s Christophe Lachave to feel the pain. He was all in pre-flop with A-K for around 50,000 and was called by ElkY with 3-3. When you run good like ElkY, you come to expect the following… the board ran J-3-10-A-4. Au revoir.

7pm: Caill calls it a day
Lucille Caill is clinging on for dear life…ah, she’s out. She lost a pot for almost 70 percent of her stack when Shane Schleger raised to 30,000, Caill called and Harry Touil moved all in for 148,000 from the small blind. Schleger got out the way but Caill called with 8♠8♦. She was behind Touil’s K♣K♦. That hand sent reporters scattering to their laptops but a distant cry of: “Seat open, table four!” confirmed that Caill had departed a few hands later.

6.55pm: Dario all-in
Dario Minieri announced that he was all-in on the button. Andras Nemeth had bet before him and now called once the blinds got out of the way. A♦A♥ for Nemeth, A♠K♥ for Minieri. “Argh”

Minieri stood up and slung his bag over his shoulder. Anyone wondering why Peter Eastgate was hanging around found out pretty quickly. Minieri reached into his bag for €20,000 tied in an elastic band, what he’d owe Eastgate from the last longer bet they had if everything went bad.

“No!” said Eastgate. He wanted to see the cards first.


“Good game,” said Minieri.

Then, in one of those moments that matter only to poker players, Nemeth called over to him… “I had jack-seven.”

He was referring to an earlier hand the pair had scrapped in. It was like Iceman telling Maverick he could be his wingman any time.

“Jack seven?” said Minieri. “I had jack-ten.”

That was that. Minieri turned away. “Peter…” he said, handing Eastgate some cash. Then he was gone.

6.52pm: Chips!
All players’ chips have been officially updated. That would be pretty much a waste of our time if you didn’t head on over and take a look. Clicking on the flashing red link should do it..


6.50pm: River seals it
Pedro Mendes is out – and it was the river that did the damage. On an 8♥2♦A♠ flop, Alexia Portal checked, Stephane Albertini made it 52,000 and Mendes called. Portal got out of the way. Both players checked the J♣ turn, but on the 6♥ river Albertini announced all-in, covering Mendes who made the call.

Mendes: A♣Q♠
Albertini: 6♣6♠

Albertini’s sixes had made a set on the river, and Mendes was beginning the long journey home to Brazil.

6.45pm: Minieri drops 50,000
Dario Minieri raises two hands in a row from early position, both times to 27,000, and both times he’s forced to fold after facing post-flop aggression.

6.40pm: Jelassi breathes his last
Ramzi Jelassi couldn’t recover from that pasting he took from Christian Debeil at the end of the last level – and the Swede is now out.

Folded to him in the hijack, Jelassi shoved for what was about 100,000. George Secara wasn’t interested in a full count and moved all in himself from the small blind, comfortably covering the micro-stack in front of Antoine Amourette in the big blind. Amourette wondered whether this was his time too, but then opted to fold pocket nines face up.

Jelassi tabled his monster: J♥3♥ and Secara’s A♦K♠ was ahead. The board ended it swiftly: A♠8♠8♥ and the 4♠ on the turn made the river 7♥ completely irrelevant. Jelassi departs; back to college.

6.30pm: Deeb not done
Freddy Deeb just did his chances no end of good, doubling up with pocket aces. He’d made it 35,000 from under the gun which was raised by Christophe Lachave. Deeb then pushed all-in getting the call from Lachave. A♥A♣ for Deeb, A♠K♠ for Lachave. The board ran Q♠10♥5♦2♣10♣ doubling Deeb to nearly 350,000.

There was no let up on the next hand. Michel Dubert opened for 35,000 on the button which was called by Peter Bosen in the small blind. Deeb was in the big blind and immediately raised 120,000 more. Back on Dubert, he passed fairly quickly. So too Bosen.

6.20pm: Back
There are 55 players coming back to play level 20. The plan is to lose another 31 of them before calling it a day, but we also have a contingency plan. If we’re still playing at the end of level 22 we will call it a night, whatever happens. It’s going to be tight.

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ElkY remains in the hunt for a second EPT title

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