EPT Deauville: Day 2, level 13 live updates

January 22, 2010


Updates from day two, level 13 of EPT Deauville, brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Marc Convey, Howard Swains and Simon Young.

Latest chip counts are on the chip count page. The full payout structure can be found on the prizewinners and payout structure page. The EPT tournament structure can be found on the EPT tournament structure page.

Level 13: 1,200-2,400 (200 ante)

6.07pm: Another level done
Another level ticks by. Players now take a 15 minute break.

6.05pm: A hard day two
It’s been a hard day for Bruno Fitoussi. Short stacked on arrival this morning, four levels later finds him in no better state. The dealer rolls her sleeves up and shuffles again. Fitoussi gets his cards, has a look and moves all-in. He waits for a caller and gets nothing.

The dealer rolls her sleeves up, shuffles and deals another hand. Fitoussi moves all in again when the action reaches him in the cut off. 18,700 total this time. Again, no takers. A few noises from a table nearby as someone gets lucky and another gets unlucky.

The dealer rolls her sleeves up again and deals another hand. The action is folded to Fitoussi on the button who shoves in again. The small blind folds, Wrobel asks how much. The answer is 22,500. But it’s just a tease. Wrobel folds and Fitoussi makes the break with 25,000.

6pm: Lenne a touch leaner
Joannn Lenne just paid the price for some misplaced aggression and ended up doubling up Vasily Dovedov. Lenne, one of the clutch of players with a big stack going into day two, made it 5,000 from early position and Dovedov re-raised to 14,450. Lenne may have smelt weakness here because he moved all in, comfortably covering Dovedov’s 63,700.

That count is so precise because the Russian was required to tell Lenne precisely how much he was owed once Dovedov had called and shown A♣J♠, forcing Lenne to table 5♠4♠. The board ran out K♥3♣9♠3♥J♥ and that was good for a double up.

5.57pm: Good river for Teng
Andrew Teng just rivered Martin Kabrhel out of a small pot, which might have been a whole lot bigger had either player been gambling it up a bit more. Kabrhel bet 12,800 at a flop of A♣J♦Q♦ and Teng called. They checked it down from there on a turn of 4♦4♠ and the additional four on the river meant Teng’s A♥9♣ had beaten Kabrhel’s J♠Q♣.

Teng is still with about 250,000 at this stage.

5.56pm: Video interlude
Rest your reading eyes and instead exercise your watching eyes. Here Team PokerStars Pro Arnaud Mattern talks about EPT Deauville – his home event…

Watch EPT Deauville 2010: Arnaud Mattern on PokerStars.tv

5.55pm: Take a bad hand and make it better
Team PokerStars Pro Jude Ainsworth has a stack of 265,000 after he eliminated Frederic Manaud. Manuad had A♦3♠ to Ainsworth’s Q♦Q♣ and the board ran 4♠7♥K♣2♦3♣.

Things could have been a lot better for the Irishman, too. He informed us that he’d just lost a two hundred thousand pot when he ran pocket kings in to the pocket aces of Jean Gobin the hand before.

5.50pm: Beware the check-calls
Stephane Benadiba got himself into a tangle and ended up folding his “monster”. On a 9♥2♦5♥ flop Catherine Hong check-called Benadiba’s 7,200 bet. She did the same to his 10,000 bet on the K♦ turn. Finally she checked the 7♠ river, he bet 10,000 and she moved all in, putting his tournament at risk.

Cue all sorts of anguish from Benadiba. “I have a monster,” he wailed. But he could not bring himself to call, folding what he claimed was two pair.

Hong, meanwhile, continues her great run and now shoots up to around 220,000.

5.45pm: ElkY takes on back
ElkY and Serge Allegre have been head-to-head in more than their fair share of pots, and this time it was the Team PokerStars Pro who came out on top. On a K♠6♠K♣ board he bet 3,000 and got a call. Both checked the 7♥ turn, and on the 7♦ river ElkY fired out 6,000. Allegre mucked, showing 6♣.

Last night ElkY spent some time signing the latest edition of his book Kill ElkY, and with a stack of 147,000 so far today, he’s showing that buying a copy and reading his advice would be a good investment.


ElkY: He can write, you know

5.40pm: Old McDonald
There’s a strange old contest going on at Luca Pagano’s table, where the Italian Team PokerStars Pro is among seven others trying to decipher the manoueverings of Ian McDonald. The British player, who has an excellent string of results behind him in major tournaments, has amassed a stack of close to 200,000, and is proving mighty tough to read.

Here are a couple of hands. On a flop of J♠10♥4♠ McDonald bet 11,000 from the small blind seat. Pagano raised to 21,000 and McDonald folded. On the next hand, McDonald made it 6,000 to go on the button and Pagano called from the big blind. The flop came 4♣3♣6♠ and McDonald bet 16,000. Pagano called and they saw a flop of 9♠. Pagano checked and McDonald announced all in, for what was about 180,000. It was too rich for Pagano, who presumably didn’t have the nuts, and so got out the way.

Pagano is still comfortably close to 300,000 in chips, but with Patrick Bueno to his left and McDonald to his right, it’s not easy over there.

5.40pm: Markup
Team PokerStars Pro Vadim Markushevski raised to 5,100 from mid-position and was called by Cathy Hong in the big blind blind before a A♠10♠K♣ flop. Hong then checked-raised Markushevski’s 5,800 continuation bet, up to 16,000. After a moment’s thought he made the call to see the 3♦ turn where both players checked. Hong checked again on the 3♦ river and then folded to a 27,000 bet. Markushevski up to 238,000 now. Hong on 12,600.

5.35pm: Hooray Henry
Henry Nowakowski just moved all-in. In preparation he put his chips in the middle, took his card protector and what appeared to be a collection of multicoloured rocks and placed them in his jacket pocket. The board read 2♦7♦4♠ and he was looking for a caller. He got it in the shape of David Cohen. Nowakowski turned over 10♣10♠. His chips were counted out, rechecked and confirmed before Cohen showed his hand, A♦Q♦ for the nut flush draw. Nowakowski said Cohen was the favourite, settling a discussion going on between the two players on his left. The the turn and river. 2♥9♣.

“Bravo!” said Nowakowski and he quickly emptied his pocket back onto the table. Back came the multi-coloured rocks and the card protector.

5.30pm: Ainsworth chipping up
Team PokerStars Pro Jude Ainsworth bets 9,500 on a 5♦Q♥2♣4♠ board and gets a call from Frederic Manaud. They slow down, both checking the A♥ river, and Ainsworth shows J♣J♥. It is good, and the Irishman is up to 270,000.

5.27pm: Deeb sets one off
Freddy Deeb kicks off the action with an opening bet of 6,000 from the under the gun. He gets calls from our start-of-day chip leader Robert Cezarescu and from Christophe Rousselet – and then Serge Allegre moves all in.

Deeb wants a count – it’s 41,200 total, and that’s enough for Deeb, Cezarescu and Rousselet to run to the hills. A nice little pot for Allegre.

5.25pm: ElkY draws blanks
In the small blind Serge Allegre opens for 5,800 and gets a call from ElkY in the big blind. They check down the 2♣K♥J♦7♦A♦ board and Allegre’s A♠Q♣ is good.

5.20pm: No peace for Di Pace
Julien Di Pace just pushed all in, lost the hand and probably didn’t expect to still be here. But he was called with one of the even shorter stack, Philippe Gellman , who showed pocket kings to Di Pace’s pocket queens. The board ran 5♦J♥2♣6♠A♦ leaving Di Pace with less than 8,000 remaining.

5.17pm: Lacay swats Moschitta
Ludovic Lacay opened from the button for 5,500. Luca Moschitta called in the big blind for a flop of 7♣Q♦6♦. Both checked that, earning themselves a turn card 8♦. Moschitta made it 10,500 which Lacay called, then Moschitta checked the 2♣ river. Lacay immediately fired in 15,000 which Moschitta eventually called. Q♣J♣ for Lacay and facial pain for Moschitta. He folded, leaving the chip to Lacay who now sits with 265,000.

5.15pm: Small-ball time
The big pots at Ludovic Lacay and Javed Abrahams’ table have stopped for the time being but it’s no surprise to see these two in the thick of any action. Here’s a three-in-a-row hand sample:

Lacay raised to 5,500 from late position and was called by Abrahams after he asked “Why so small?”

The action was checked all the way to the river where the board read A♦5♥9♥K♥K♣. Lacay then found a bet of 7,000 and was called by Abrahams. Lacay opened K♦10♦ which was enough to make the young Brit throw his cards into the muck with a look of disgust on his face. Maybe he was trapping with an ace in his hand and ended up trapping himself.

The next hand Lacay raised to 5,100 and was called by Alexia Portal in the big blind to see a 8♦Q♣2♣ flop. Both players checked before Portal check-folded to a 7,000 Lacay bet on the A♠ turn.

On the third hand, Abrahams limped from the button and then called after Portal raised to 7,700 from the small blind. The flop and turn were checked through before Portal led for 11,500 on the river with the board reading 2♦2♣3♥4♣J♥. Abrahams wasn’t interested at all as his cards flew into the muck.

Chip status:
Lacay – 235,000
Abrahams – 51,000
Portal – 113,000

5.10pm: Video interlude
Vadim Markushevski has had a roller-coaster day on his European debut in Team PokerStars Pro colours. He started the day on… ah, hell. Let Markushevski tell you himself:

Watch EPT Deauville 2010: Vadim Markushevski Day 2 on PokerStars.tv

5.05pm: Big boys
Two of the very biggest stacks in the room are on the same table. Andrew Teng is north of 250,000 but even he is dwarfed by the 360,000 stack of Goghan Soysal.

Goghan Soysan

Both are very active, and others have noticed, opting to play back at them in only one fashion. After Teng raised to 6,200 from mid-position, Garcia Cayetano called from his left but Martin Kabrhel moved all in for about 73,000 more from the small blind. Er, fold. (Cayetano also passed.)


Andrew Teng

4.45pm: Return
We are beyond the half-way mark. Players are returning to play level 13. There’s this one and then another two, and that’s day two in the books.

Still going strong is Diane Maarek. Any excuse:

_MG_0802_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Diane Maarek, among the PokerStars Jobs 2 Stars contenders


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