EPT Deauville: Day 2, level 12 updates

January 22, 2010


Updates from day two, level 12 of EPT Deauville, brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Marc Convey, Howard Swains and Simon Young.

Latest chip counts are on the chip count page. The full payout structure can be found on the prizewinners and payout structure page. The EPT tournament structure can be found on the EPT tournament structure page.

Level 12: 800-1,600 (200 ante)

4.37pm: Time gents
That’s your level 12 folks. Level 13 will begin in 15 minutes.

4.35pm: Curtains for Weisner
Melanie Weisner just moved all-in with K♦Q♥ and was called by Alain Baio with A♣Q♠. Weisner tapped the table at seeing her disadvantage, having just been thwacked in a hand against Henry Nowakowski. The board offered no help to the New Yorker: A♠8♥5♦J♣J♠. Weisner out.

4.30pm: The old-school way
Melanie Weisner has been crippled. She moved all in on a board of 5♥Q♦3♥ and Henry Nowakowski called. Weisner had the Austrian well covered, and there was still widespread surprise to see what Nowakowski was risking his tournament life with: 5♣6♣, for middle pair, no kicker.

Weisner had been caught at it, though. She had 7♦9♦ for overcards and a backdoor flush draw. None of them came, however. The turn was A♥ and the river 10♥, meaning Nowakowski’s baby pair stayed good.

“I didn’t believe her,” Nowakowski said to his neighbour.
“I’ve played, like, one hand since I sat here,” said Weisner.
“I put you on ace-king,” said Nowakowski, although Weisner sought solace in the British young-gun Andrew Teng sitting two seats to her left.
“I am not a French player,” said Nowakowski. “Sometimes I play from here,” he said, pointing to his stomach.

Nowakowski doesn’t appear to have impressed either Weisner or Teng, but he does have some pedigree. Back in the pre-online era of 2001, the Austrian made the World Series Main Event final table, won by Carlos Mortensen. He now has about 130,000 chips here, while Weisner has about a quarter of that.

Edit: Two hands later, Weisner busted. Details to come.

4.25pm: Pagano no-no
It’s folded around to Luca Pagano in the small blind, who makes it 6,000. Sitting in the big blind is PokerStars player Antoine Amourette, who eyes up the Team PokerStars Pro suspiciously before re-raising all in for around 52,000.

Pagano took it in his stride, and folded K♠J♥ face up.

4.20pm: Eastgate caught
Peter Eastgate opens from early position to 5,100 and takes the blinds and antes. The very next hand he tries it again, same bet, but this time from under the gun. Guillaume Cescut calls from the big blind.

On the Q♠10♦J♥ flop, Cescut checks and Eastgate makes a continuation bet of 7,500. Cescut is not impressed – and fires out 17,500, forcing the 2008 WSOP champion to fold.

4.15pm: Minieri mortal
With the board already showing J♦7♠5♥K♠ Yann Migeon had bet 8,000 and it was up to Dario Minieri to take him on. He called for a 6♦ river card, on which Migeon made it another 8,000 to play.

“I don’t know what I put you on,” said Minieri, rebutting suggestions that he can see through cards. “I put you on ten-nine, I don’t know why.”

He called. Migeon showed J♠A♥.

“I was wrong,” said Minieri folding. “Nice hand.”

4.10pm: Hong up
Vadim Markushevski opened for 4,800. The action was folded round to Cathy Hong who called to see the flop A♥J♥K♥. Both checked for a 3♦ turn card. Markushevski checked to Hong once more leading her to bet out 4,700. Too rich for Markushevski. Hong up to 180,000.

4.05pm: Antoine Sa-out; Ainsworth up
Jude Ainsworth is now a member of the 200 club. The Team PokerStars Pro from Ireland has about 230,000. The empty seat on Ainsworth’s table used to belong to Antoine Saout. He is chatting with friends on the rail, unable to repeat his World Series of Poker exploits on home turf.

3.55pm: Carliez Way
There were four to the flop on the “feature” table, the table currently occupying the space that will become the main stage later in the week. K♣3♣7♥. Action was checked to Fabien Carliez who moved all-in. There was a rumble of “whoa,” that noise you make over the crest of a roller coaster, when Jonathan Khalifa called. Those who were in the hand but not all in, including Katja Thater, quickly made a run for it, leaving them to it. 3♦3♠ for Carliez, K♦7♦ for Khalifa who made a noise of deep regret when he saw the set. The turn, 2♠ the river 9♣. Carliez began a chant filled victory lap of the stage.

3.50pm: Mattern finished
Arnaud Mattern is out. He shoved for his last 12,300 and was called in two spots. In fact, it wasn’t just called. Stephane Albertini moved all in over the top, and Alain Daien called that. No wonder: Albertini had A♠A♣ and Daien had Q♦Q♣. Mattern’s 10♠9♣ weren’t completely dead, but the flop of J♣4♦4♥ didn’t help and the turn of 5♦ ended it. The river of 3♦ was irrelevant.

3.48pm: Kravchenko drops more
After starting off with a healthy 93,000, Alex Kravchenko has dropped down to around 50,000. Some of those were lost on this hand: PokerStars qualifier Benjamin Juhasz from Hungary bet 4,700, Kravchenko called, so too did Stake Mortensson from Norway.
On the 6♦9♦J♥ flop, Mortennson and Juhasz checked, and when Kravchenko made it 6,000 only Mortennson called.

The turn was 5♦, Mortennson checked, Kravchenko made it 12,000 and Mortensson moved in quickly for 19,800 more. Kravchenko took little time to fold.

3.46pm: Brecard aggression
PokerStars sponsored Julien Brecard won a battle of wills against fellow Frenchman Remy Biechel. After some pre-flop argy-bargy had already taken place, Brecard moved all-in for his last 41,800.

_MG_0779_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Julien Brecard

It would risk most of his stack to call, and Biechel went into the tank for around four minutes before eventually folding 7-7 face up. Brecard showed him one card, an ace, before thinking “why not” – and showing him an eight as well.

3.45pm: Blind battle
The river was out giving the board a 2♠10♣5♥A♣8♣ look. Team PokerStars Pro Peter Eastgate was sat in the small blind and led for 24,500 into his big blind opponent. Call. Eastgate tabled A♠10♠ for two-pair which was good to win the pot. Eastgate up to 185,000 now.

3.40pm: Three-way all in
Maxat Aibayev made the first move with an under-the-gun raise before two players moved all in behind him. Michel Georges Habib moved his short stack in from mid-position and Andrew Neiberg moved his 38,000 stack in from the small blind. Aibayev made the call to set up a three-way showdown.

Aibayev: K♠J♠
Habib: A♦K♦
Neiberg: J♣J♦

The board came 4♣Q♦9♣2♠5♦.

A very relieved Neiberg sits down to a 110,000 stack but Habib is forced to make the walk of shame out of the room.

3.35pm: Mattern to the mattresses
Arnaud Mattern caught up with us to recount the main details of his stack’s demise late in the last level. After opening for 3,800 in middle position, small blind Stephane Albertini re-raised to 11,000. Mattern, armed with 43,000 and French grit, then moved in, trusting his tournament fate to his ace-king. Albertini snap called “like he had the nuts,” as Mattern recounted, showing ace-jack. The jack on the flop makes life difficult now for Mattern, sitting with just 16,000.

3.25pm: Karlsson shoves
Jakob Karlsson open shoved for 18,000. The action was once again folded to Bruno Fitoussi who after checking the amount called the all-in. Karlsson showed J♣J♠ while Fitoussi turned over J♣A♣. No help was forthcoming for either player and Karlsson reaped the rewards. Fitoussi down to 80,000.

3.20pm: And we’re…
… back! Play has resumed.

_MG_0856_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Luca Pagano


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