EPT Deauville: Day 2, level 11 updates

January 22, 2010


Updates from day two, level 11 of EPT Deauville, brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Marc Convey, Howard Swains and Simon Young.

Latest chip counts are on the chip count page. The full payout structure can be found on the prizewinners and payout structure page. The EPT tournament structure can be found on the EPT tournament structure page.

Level nine: 800-1,600 (200 ante)

3.05pm: Over
So, as we said, that level is now over. Join us for level 12.

3.05pm: Mattern on the mat
Although the level is now over, Arnaud Mattern made his way to our place on the stage to reveal that he’s down to his last eight big blinds. “Crippled,” he said. Mattern will be shoving very soon it seems.

3.02pm: Alfa-male assertion
It had been noted earlier in the day that Ludovic Lacay and Javed Abrahams had clashed horns trying to assert dominance over the table. Since that time Lacay had seen his stack shrink and Abrahams has seen his stack grow. That was the case anyway until the last hand of the level.

A pre-flop raising war between the two players ended with all the chips in the middle. Lacay tabled Q♠Q♥ to Abrahams’ A-K and the board ran 4♣5♠2♠7♥6♠ to double the Frenchman up to 175,000 chips. Abrahams down to 51,000 chips. don’t expect the fireworks between these two to end here.

3pm: Eastgate continues climb
On a board of J♣3♣8♠9♣, Jean Francois Rigollet bet 7,000 and Peter Eastgate, his sole opponent for a pot of around 11,000 at that point, called. On the 5♦ river, Rigollet checked to Eastgate and the Team PokerStars Pro needed no more encouragement. He bet 13,800. Rigollet didn’t think too long before calling, but he was up against Eastgate’s A♥J♥. Rigollet mucked and Eastgate eased up to around 180,000.

2.58pm: Saout shoves
Jude Ainsworth raised to 4,100 from his stack of about 150,000 and Antoine Saout, in the cut off, was one of three callers. No respect. The flop came A♣6♣9♣ and it was checked all around to Saout, who announced that he was all in for about 90,000. Fold, fold, fold, fold.

2.55pm: Nowt from Saout
Olivier Douce was in action soon after, opening for 4,500 which was called by Emanuelle Rugini and Antoine Saout in the cut off. The flop came K♥10♠7♦. Douce checked, as did Rugini and Saout. Now the turn card, 8♦. Douce checked again. Rugini threw out 7,000, called by Saout before Douce stepped aside.

The river A♥. Rugini checked, but only after deep thought. Saout had spent the time staring at Rugini but switched his glare to the board once Rugini checked and bet 6,500. Rugini didn’t need as long to launch his re-raise, 20,000 more. Saout called, turning over a triumphant A♦10♦ to Rugini’s 3♥3♠. David Pluskwa in seat seven even gave a round of applause. That doesn’t normally happen.

2.50pm: Pagano powerless
Luca Pagano opened for 4,200 in middle position. Robert Borzyszkowski moved all in for 39,900. The action was folded to Pagano who tanked for a while before folding. “Show the kings. Show the kings!” said Pagano before adding, “Show a king. Show the kings!”

_MG_0861_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Luca Pagano

2.45pm: Pagano power
Patrick Bueno and Luca Pagano saw a flop of 5♦6♠8♠. Bueno checked to Pagano who threw out a bet of 6,500 which Bueno called for a Q♣ turn card and checked again. Pagano made it another 26,000, easily outweighing the Frenchman, at least chip-wise. Bueno had no choice but to fold, leaving Pagano upward of 300,000.

2.42pm: No pushing Saout out
Olivier Douce opened for 4,500 in early position. At his table is Antoine Saout, World Series third place finisher, and the associated cameras that come with him. He called from his spot on the button for a flop of 7♣10♥2♥. Both checked for a turn card 3♠. Douce checked again, perhaps sensing danger. Saout fired out 40,000 from behind his protective exterior of utter exhaustion. Douce took the hint. He passed. Saout up to 55,000.

2.40pm: Back on the up
Team PokerStars Pro Alex Kravchenko started today with 96,300 but had seen two thirds of that fade away during play so far. Fear not as he’s just doubled-back up to 78,000.

He raised from early position to 4,000 and was only called by Rodriguez Luis Maria in the big blind to go to a 10♦9♣J♣ flop. Maria checked to the Russian who continued with a 5,500 bet before facing an all in bet. Kravchenko was covered so the call would be for his tournament life. He counted his stack and then shrugged as he made the call with A♦A♣. Maria turned over K♥J♠ and the turn came 5♠2♥ to see Kravchenko’s hand hold.

2.35pm: Double-down double-up
Gerhardus Damen just doubled the player up to his right before doubling-up through the player to his left.

Sylvain Calmelet was the beneficiary of the double-up after he raised from the small blind and then moved all in when Damen three-bet him from the big blind. Damen took his time but ultimately made the call with A♠J♠. Good spot for Calmelet as he tabled J♣J♦ and it stayed that way through the K♠10♦K♣4♥8♥ board.

The very next hand Damen limped in from the small blind when folded around to him. Javed Abrahams was having none of that and put Damen all in. Damen made a snap call with A♣7♦ and was facing the Brit’s Q♣4♥. The board came J♥6♦6♣2♥K♣ to keep the Dutchman’s hopes alive.   

2.30pm: Fate for Fitoussi
Bruno Fitoussi limped under-the-gun, Stephane Albertini limped from his left and Richard Toth checked his big blind. The three of them glared at Q♠2♦8♠ and Toth checked. Fitoussi bet 3,500 and only Toth called. The turn was 7♣ and after Toth checked again, Fitoussi fired 7,500. Toth folded. This is a fairly unremarkable hand, except that Fitoussi excitedly turned over 3♦3♥. He wasn’t celebrating his bluff, more commenting on the fact that pocket threes should be his lucky hand today. He’s sitting on table three, seat three so has another card in front of him bearing 3-3. Fate, clearly.

2.25pm: Triple P triple up
Although it’s been a while since Pascal Perrault had a major result — his biggest win to date is still his victory in Vienna in EPT season one, where he took €184,500 — he has consistently cashed for five-figure sums across Europe.

A huge success on home soil would not go amiss for the Frenchman, however, and he’s setting himself up nicely in Deauville for a run at the big money. Starting on 70,000 overnight, he has more than 190,000 now. Bien, Pascal.

2.15pm: Pot to Fitoussi
Jakob Karlsson opened for 3,800 in early position. Action was folded to Bruno Fitoussi in the small blind who looked over at 3 to get a rough count of his chips – 14,000 behind. Fitoussi called, as did Torres Hermoso in the big blind. We got ourselves a hand.

J♥A♦8♣ on the flop. Fitoussi made it 4,400 to play. Hermoso passed. Karlsson, riffling and wearing big headphones, called for a turn card 3♠. Fitoussi watched it land, his hands to his mouth as if eating corn on the cob or over acting “scared”, checked, as did Karlsson for a A♣ on the river. Another 10,000 from Fitoussi. Karlsson removed an earphone to check the amount, but this hand was now over for him. He passed. Fitoussi approaching the 70,000 mark now.

2.10pm: Beevers biting
Thierry Journot made opened for 4,100 from the cut off. Joe Beevers was waiting on the button. The table is seven handed, waiting for replacements to filter in from the other room, so it doesn’t take long for the action to whip around. The short stacked Beevers moved all-in for roughly 13,000 more. As he does a great cry can be heard from someone on the other side of the room, presumably involuntary. Beevers simply awaited his fate, good posture, the stiff upper lip of an Englishman. He was able to slump soon enough, Journot passing. Beevers up to around 23,000.

2.05pm: Bruel the treacle-tongued bully
Patrick Bruel has a sweet singing voice, but his declaration that he is all in is as gruff as any. Franck Ruet just heard it when the two of them played the following hand. It was a three-way, raised pot pre-flop and Ruet checked from early position once the flop was out: A♣3♣10♥. Bruel bet 7,000 and the third man (Maxime Moczulski) folded. Ruet called. They both checked the 10♦ turn and then Ruet led for 16,000 on the K♥ river. Bruel moved all in, for what was about 25,000 more and reluctantly Ruet let him have this one.

2.00pm: Eastgate’s stack heading north
Peter Eastgate made a raise from early position to 4,200 that the PokerStars qualifier Jeffrey Hakim treated with a three-bet all in for 17,500. The big blind thought momentarily but folded before Eastgate made the call with A♦K♠. Hakim tabled J♣J♥ and the board ran 5♥4♠K♦9♣Q♦. Eastgate’s king paired on the turn to eliminate Hakim and give the Team Pro a stack of about 140,000.

_MG_0908_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Peter Eastgate

1.55pm: Strength to strength
It’s been a pretty good day so far for the day one leader, Robert Cezarescu. The Romanian was the only player with more than 200,000 from the opening couple of flights, and he’s getting close to being the first player passed 300,000. At the moment, his mighty stack probably weighs in at arount 275,000 – close to that of Andrew Teng’s.

In other news, the Salle Prive has now closed. All the remaining players of EPT Deauville – about 315 of them – are in the same room for the first time.

1.50pm: Coun-Teng the chip lead
Andrew Teng has gone from 112,000 overnight to a chip-leading stack of 280,000. “Did you double up?” “No. I just played some big pots,” he explained. He’s the one to catch at the moment.

1.40pm: Play resumes
Players have returned and cards are back in the air.

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