EPT Deauville: Throngs arrive for day 1B

January 21, 2010


It’s day 1B in Deauville, which means it’s very similar to day 1A, only more so.

After yesterday’s tensely fought nine levels, today will bring another nine, but we will also be grappling with a bigger field and an even more glittering array of stars. That will mean even more action to report over the coming ten hours, and the overspill room “Salon Privé” will probably be nothing of the sort.


The main tournament room in Deauville. There’s this, and another one.

Team PokerStars Pro cried off sick in their droves yesterday, a hangover no doubt from the PCA. But with an extra day’s rest behind them, the likes of ElkY, Dario Minieri, Peter Eastgate, Luca Pagano, Alex Kravchenko, Jude Ainsworth, Vicky Coren and Joep van den Bijgaart will be among the starters in Casino Barrière. It’s a fair bet some of them will be among the finishers too.

Their quest is what we’re here to describe. Many of them will have Robert Cezarescu’s overnight count of 216,900 in the back of their mind, but in the front of it will be the first hand, then the next one, and then the next.

Follow most of them with us at PokerStars Blog.


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