EPT Deauville: Day 1B, level 5 and 6 live updates

January 21, 2010


Updates from day 1b, levels five and six of EPT Deauville, brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Marc Convey, Howard Swains and Simon Young.

Latest chip counts are on the chip count page. The EPT tournament structure can be found on the EPT tournament structure page.

Level five: 150-300 (25 ante)
Level six: 200-400 (50 ante)

7.25pm: Chips for dinner
The vacant ballroom here has allowed us to scamper around and check on some of the big stacks. These seem to be the largest:

Anas Tadini – 140,000
Jan Boubli – 133,500
Benjamin Pollak – 120,000
Peter Eastgate – 120,000
Alban Messe – 110,000
Samuel Touil – 105,000

7.22pm: That’s dinner
We are now taking a 60-minute dinner break. We started today with 429 players, and just 324 remain to enjoy their feast.

7.21pm: Skampa v Pagano
We picked up the action on a board showing 6♥8♦K♣4♦, and EPT Prague champion Jan Skampa having bet 5,200. Luca Pagano, who made the same final table, called. On the 6♣ river, Pagano led out with 9,000 – but he insta-mucked just as Skampa made the call.

That little slip put Pagano back to 70,000 and Skampa up to 56,000.

7.20pm: Sarwer yet to soar
A pre-flop bet from Jeff Sarwer, called all over the place and a flop of 2♦J♦K♠. Jorma Vuoksenmaa in the small blind checked, as did Emmanuel Hayoun in the big. Bingjang Ren was next, also checking before the action reached Sarwer who bet 1,600, enough to force out Steven Van Zadelhoff on the button. Back on Jorma Vuoksenmaa, he flung out a raise, 6,725 in total. The big blind passed, as did Bingjang Ren, leaving it up to Sarwer to take matters further.

“Rainbow plus one,” pondered Sarwer, looking at the chips. “Oh boy.”
Not afraid to back away from a hand, Sarwer folded, down to 54,000.

7.15pm: To show or not to show?
Jean-Robert Bellande, who had escaped our attention until now, opened with a raise from mid-position and was called by two players. All three checked the flop before Bellande, only, called the small blind’s 2,150 on the turn with the board reading Q♠J♣3♥5♦. Both players checked the 3♣ river and the small blind open mucked his hand rather than show. The dealer slid Bellande’s hand into the muck and handed him the pot to put him up to 50,000.

At this point a few French players at the table complained that Bellande’s hand wasn’t shown to take the pot. This issue has been raised a few times in the past as it’s a rule that is different depending on what tour or what country you’re playing in. A ruling was called for and the decision that was made by the dealer was deemed the correct one. Thomas Kremser then confirmed that the official EPT rule on this matter is that if one player folds at showdown the other player DOES NOT have to show their hand to claim the pot.

7.10pm: Wonga, moulah, cash, money, l’argent
The full details of the prize structure for EPT Deauville has been announced. From a starting field of 768 players (339 on day 1a; 429 on day 1b), the top 104 will be paid. The champion, to be decided on Monday, will win €847,000, the lion’s share of a €3,686,400 total pool. Click through to the prize structure page for full details.

7pm: Sa-Soulier
On a board all ready showing Q♥4♥3♣K♦ Loic Sa had bet 825 before Fabrice Soulier, recently moved after his table broke in the Salle de Prive, raised to an even 2,000. Call, said Sa for a 2♥ river. Both checked, Soulier showing A♦K♠ to beat Sa’s J♦10♣.

6.55pm: Peltin pelting Beevers
Michael Peltin called from the small blind, the action folded around to him. Joe Beevers was waiting in the big blind and made it 1,600 to play. Peltin called for a flop of 10♣10♠9♠. Peltin checked to Beevers who bet 2,000. Peltin raised that to 4,000, sending Beevers into the tank for a while. “Okay,” he said as he came out, folding his hand.

6.50pm: Coren back up
Vicky Coren is still not one of the big stacks, but she’s moving in the right direction again. At least a little. A kick start by way of an all-in, called in two spots. Her two opponents checked it down after calling her 5,500. The flop came A♥9♠A♠, actually pretty good for Coren who would soon reveal her 9♣9♦. The turn 8♠ and river 10♣ did nothing to help Oliverio Da Silva’s 5♠4♠ after he moved in, making it a heads up showdown.

Coren back to around the 20,000 mark.

_MG_0389_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Vicky Coren

6.45pm: Worth the walk
The overspill Salle Prive is still populated, although only four tables in there are part of the tournament, the rest are cash games and sit and goes.

But it’s worth the visit, especially for a run of five players on table 39. Seat one is occupied by the well known French player Fabrice Soullier; seat two is occupied by the PokerStars qualifier (and increasingly common sight on the EPT) Melanie Weisner; seat three has Luca Pagano in it; seat four is now the home of Jeff Sarwer, and A Ram Hong is in seat five. She’s otherwise known as ElkY’s girlfriend.

Pagano has the most chips of that lot – about 95,000 – although Sarwer’s not going to be too disappointed with his 55,000.

6.40pm: Bluffing ElkY
Sylvain Calmelet opens for 750 and only Team PokerStars Pro ElkY calls from the big blind. On an A♣5♦6♦ flop, Elky checks, Calmelet bets 900 and ElkY check-raises to 2,450.

Calmelet is having none of that, and moves all in for around 10,000 more. ElkY insta-mucks and Calmelet proudly shows 9♣7♦ for, er, nothing except a gutshot draw.

“Nice hand,” said ElkY.

Unbeknown to Calmelet, there’s every chance his hand was good there – ElkY could easily have had air.


ElkY: bluffed (or was he?)

6.37pm: Dario back to his old tricks
Some would say Team PokerStars Pro Dario Minieri only has one gear. It’s this gear that enables him to amass great stacks but, like in the recent PCA High Roller Event, it’s also the gear that sees those great stacks fall to dust.

_MG_0365_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Dario Minieri: loses a chunk

He was up against Barbara Martinez in a recent hand with a flop showing 9-7-4 (two hearts). Martinez led for a pot sized bet of 6,000 before Mineri splashed a big pile of chips over the line. It’s was enough to cover Martinez’s stack of around 20,000. With the pressure of press gathered around including a camera with a big headlight on front she made the call for her tournament life with A-9 for top pair. Minieri could only muster king-five for no pair and no heart.

The turn and river bricked to double Martinez up to 48,000. Minieri still going strong on 110,000.

6.35pm: Mercier gets out of the way
On a 3♦2♠8♣6♥2♣ board, PokerStars qualifier Kevin Fesselier bets 2,300. Isabelle Mercier has a piece of this, but does not like the call. She does anyway, and mucks when shown Q♥8♥. She’s down to 46,000.

_MG_0395_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Isabelle Mercier: can’t beat top pair

6.30pm: Coren on a slide
From the world of Twitter, @VictoriaCoren to be precise: “Duck (not having made day 2 in Deauville before) not under great threat of breakage. An alarmingly consistent run of ill luck so far. It would be helpful if that changed”.

Indeed, the Team PokerStars Pro is down to 5,500 and in need of a boost.

6.25pm: End of the level
Read the headline.

6.20pm: Cailly doubles
Lucille Cailly just doubled up through Jonathan Azoulay. After some betting, raising and re-raising pre-flop, she called Azoulay’s all in with A♦K♣ against his Q♥Q♣. The board was kind to Cailly: K♥3♦4♣6♣5♣, taking her stack up to the 45,000 mark.

6.15pm: Minieri can fold pt II
Dario Minieri is not completely immortal, and he can also let a hand go, as demonstrated in the hand detailed at 6.05pm below. He’s just done it again. Daniel Amara limped in mid position, Minieri limped also from the hijack and Damien Rony, on the button, raised to 1,200. Call, call. The flop was 7♦9♥8♥ and Amara checked, allowing Minieri to bet 2,350. Rony moved all in, and Minieri took out his headphones and asked for a count. He was told the all in was for 18,825 and that proved to be too rich. Minieri folded, to leave himself still comfortably in the six figures.

Minieri now has the EPT Vienna season one champion, Pascal Perrault, sitting to his immediate left. Perrault has about 60,000.

6.10pm: She’d settle for that
Kevin Fesselier opened the pot with a raise to 800 and was only called by Isabelle Mercier in the small blind to see a 5♠8♥4♣ flop. Fesselier continued his aggression with a 1,150 bet when checked to him. Call. Mercier check-raiseed Fesselier’s 2,200 on the turn, making it 5,350. Call. She then led out for 10,000 on the 6♦ river and was called.

8♠8♦ for the Canadian for a set and the pot as Fesselier mucked. She’s up to 54,000 now.

6.07pm: Lellouche downed
Anthony Lellouche has a great record of getting deep in many EPTs but he has failed to make it through day one on home soil. His stack was decimated when he made an 11,625 call from an opponent’s bet on the river of a Q♠Q♥2♦10♣4♥ board. His opponent showed him A♠Q♣ which was good for the pot as he mucked.

This left him with around 5,000 chips and as his seat is now empty the assumption is they soon went in the middle and found a home with a welcoming table mate.

6.05pm: Minieri can fold. Proof
A rare scene… Dario Minieri lays one down on the turn. The board was A♠3♣5♣4♠ and Daniel Amara had moved all in for around 10,000 with 12,000 already in the pot. I know that because Minieri asked the dealer to “splash the pot” – that’s Italian for “spread the pot”*.

At any rate, Minieri was doing the math in his head and decided he could not call with whatever two cards were clamped to the table below his left hand.

*Almost certainly not true

6.03pm: Lacay punishes the limper
Khalil Sehnaoui limped from mid-position and Ludovic Lacay made it 1,000 to go. Only Sehnaoui called and they went to a flop of A♦3♦4♥. Sehnaoui checked, Lacay bet 1,100, and Sehnaoui called. They both checked the 6♦ turn but then Lacay bet 3,500 on the 8♠ river once it was checked to him. Sehnaoui called, but mucked when Lacay showed pocket fours for the flopped bottom set.

6pm: Kravchenko steady
Never let Team PokerStars Pro Alex Kravchenko be called anything other than ‘steady’. His stack is currently around 29,000 – just 1,000 shy of what he started with earlier today.
It was a little lower but he just made a nice call on this hand: On a 10♥10♦7♠K♣ board he checked then called Xavier Arnal’s 1,650 bet. Then, on the 10♠ river he checked again. Arnal bet 2,600, Kravchenko gave him a steely stare, then called. Insta-muck from Arnal.


Alex Kravchenko: This photo taken in time-lapse over a three-hour period

5.55pm: The Rubik’s Cube
Way back in March last year we were in Dortmund, Germany, for that particular leg of the EPT. That’s where we first caught sight of Mats Iremark (winner here in 2006) and his curious fixation with the Rubik’s Cube. He spent most of his tournament life there trying to solve the puzzle – and guess what? Yep, he’s back with it here in Deauville ten months later.

What’s more, he seems to have got the hang of it in the meantime as it’s currently sitting in a ‘solved’ state, all sides a single color. What now? Does he wait for someone to scramble it up again? That could take him until October to solve again.

5.50pm: Entre deux
Patrick Bruel opened for 800 pre-flop from under the gun. Praz Bansi called two seats along before Alberto Valenti next to him re-raised, 2,225 in total. At this point Bruel’s phone began to buzz. He looked at it quickly, decided whoever it was could wait, and put it back on the table, still ringing. “I re-raise,” he said, rolling his finger. “Deux mille, deux, vingt-cinq?” he confirmed with the dealer before making it 16,900 total.

That did it for Bansi but Valenti announced all-in. Bruel called, turning over A♥K♠. Valenti took his time turning over his cards, almost hesitating. Eventually he showed J♥J♠. “Show it,” said Bruel with a degree of surprise. “It’s not bad!”

The board ran: Q♠3♣2♣4♥K♥

Valenti had at first been happy then sad, throwing an arm in the air and making what was presumably a silent scream noise. He shook Bruel’s hand before departing. Bruel now up to 75,000.

5.45pm: Barbosa takes a small one
Joao Barbosa raised to 550 from mid position and Lucille Cailly called from the small blind. The two of them saw a flop of 7♣K♦2♣ and Cailly check-called Barbosa’s 1,500 bet. Cailly called but both players checked the 8♥ turn. The river was J♥ and Cailly check-called Barbosa’s bet of A♦J♣. Barbosa tabled A♦J♣ and that was good.

5.35pm: High Roller rolled out
Michiel Brummelhuis, last seen at the final table of the PCA High Rollers event, will not be adding to his swelling coffers in Deauville. He’s out: the pocket jacks of Ruslan Prydryk were better than Brummelhuis’ 10♥10♠, all in pre-flop.

5.30pm: How Eastgate got his chips
Peter Eastgate arrived about 90 minutes after the start of play and burrowed his way to a seat right at the most unreachable area of the tournament room. That’s not a far-flung corner, rather slap bang in the middle of a densely packed jam of tables.

Although for the most part he’s been going about his business away from reporters’ eyes, he’s always ready to fill in a blank and recently he told the tale of how he rose to about 90,000. Just before the last break, Patrick Sonigo opened for 2,300 pre-flop and Eastgate peeked at pocket kings and nurdled it up to 6,000. Call. The flop was queen high, with a three and a ten, two clubs, and after Sonigo checked, Eastgate bet 8,500. Call. The river was another three and this time Sonigo led for 21,000. Eastgate, with only about 25,000 more, moved in and Sonigo called with pocket nines.

The kings faded the two outer on the river and Eastgate went close to 100,000.

_MG_0248_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Peter Eastgate

5.21pm: Back they come
The players are returning to their seats. This is level five. We apologies for the break in coverage towards the end of level four. This was due to software issues. Now those issues are solved we are putting unpublished hands back in to the levels three and four post. Here is a pic of Greg Raymer with special specs.


Greg Raymer


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