EPT Deauville: Crash bang for Lang Van

January 20, 2009

As play reaches the halfway mark – four levels gone and a second 15 minute break – happiest of the bunch is likely to be Belgian player Jonathan Abdellatif on 54,000, the likely big stack. There are others feeling pleased with themselves. No swan dive for the French player who yelled “OUI!” across the room after a presumed double up to keep him alive, and Alex Kravchenko added to his stack, busting a player, jacks over A-Q.

French player Michel Abecassis – a stalwart of the EPT – has Jonas Klausen, Julian Lang Van and Sebastian Ruthenberg at his table, one of the trickier of those remaining. He didn’t need to show his cards on the way to a pot worth several thousand which takes his stack to 22,000.

_MG_8360_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Arnaud Mattern – out

His fellow Frenchman and former EPT winner Arnaud Mattern has not had such a gilt edged day, busting just minutes into level five. French PokerStars sponsored player Julien Lang Van may soon be joining him…

Lang Van will tell his story again and again over the coming months having got here courtesy of a French reality TV show in which he and his fellow contestants were taught how to play poker before playing against each other for a massive prize of $200,000 in tournament buy-ins, to be used anywhere on planet PokerStars. Now with a few EPTs under his belt Lang Van is on the rise but Deauville looks likely to be over too soon unless he can muster a chip revival.

Lang Van raised pre-flop to 1,600 after a bet of 600 and Jorg Wehle from Holland called for a flop of 8h-9d-6s. The two kept putting chips in, Lang Van checking before Wehle made it 3,300. Lang Van moved all-in but must have felt in trouble judging by the speed of Wehle’s call. Lang Van showed jacks by Wehle was ahead with aces, and things stayed that way. The pot that left Lang Van facing a new reality of life, with just 1,800. Wehle on the other hand is up to 32,000.

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PokerStars ShootingStar Sandra Naujoks

Finally, the latest edition to the PokerStars ShootingStar team Sandra Naujoks is out. The crucial blow came in a queens against tens scrap which left her short stacked and taking a few minutes on the rail to regroup. She jumped back in for one last effort with KQ against jacks, a hand that sent her back to the rail for good.


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