EPT Deauville: Couldn’t call quick enough

January 20, 2009

You can put the buy-ins up to €5,000, but you can’t guarantee the action won’t be as frantic as a $5 turbo rebuy. Passing by an outer table about 20 minutes into level three, I noticed Philippe Dauteuil, who made the final table last year in London, involved in a pot worth interrupting a savage massage for.

One of our Lebanese players, Antoine Tohme, raised to 550 from mid-position and Tommy Pavelicek called from the small blind. Dauteuil, in the big blind, fired the question, “How much have you got?” to Tohme and was shown a sizeable stack of these natty pastel-coloured chips.

Dauteuil reraised to 1,650 and Tohme called instantly, but each of them had misidentified their main adversary. Still in the hand was that small blind player Pavelicek and he emerged from a couple of minutes in the tank with a hefty 7,500-odd all in move.

Dauteuil insta-called, suggesting a monster, and Tohme now got out of the way. Time for aces against kings? Queens at least, right? Nope: pocket eights for Pavelicek and A-K for Dauteuil, neither of which hands connected with the flop to double up Pavelicek and cut Dauteuil down to his last 5,000 or so.

At the moment there are 267 players remaining from the opening day’s field; another couple of stats from a season on the EPT full of them. The video blog team did some number crunching of their own:

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