EPT Deauville: Cheering Tommy

January 22, 2009

Tommy Pavlicek just doubled up with K-J over A-Q on a board of J-J-A-Q-8. The PokerStars qualifier was eager to stack his new chips. Pavlicek looks different these days, a shaved head replacing his former Beatle mop-top, now on course to secure a third career EPT cash.

As if the ball room had been lifted at one end it seems the familiar faces are all now towards Pavlicek’s end of the ball room. He has Freddy Deeb and Michel Abecassis (125,000) at his table, while a few feet away in every direction sit the likes of Vikash Dhorasoo, Joao Barbosa, Ricardo Sousa, Mika Paasonen and Ludovic Lacay, all in various states of well being.

_MG_4675_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Michel Abecassis

Deeb lives on, moving all-in but gaining only the blinds. And Gino Alacqua, who was down to a little more than 10,000 earlier today, just tripled up in an aces against ace-king against queens hand that leaves the Italian in much better shape, with close to 70,000.


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