EPT Deauville: Bursting the bubble

January 22, 2009

Two things have just happened here in Deauville. The first is that the latest official chip count has been posted over on the chip counts page. They were taken at the end of level 14, about half an hour before we started hand-for-hand play.

The second monumental moment from recent history is the bursting of the bubble. The unfortunate player was Janek Schleicher, our PokerStars qualifier from Germany. He re-raised Arnaud Vicente all in with pocket sevens, figuring, he later explained, that he might be able to push him off ace-jack or maybe even ace-king. Vicente had a similar-sized stack and so would likely lay down any marginal holdings.

But in fact Vicente had found kings, made the call, and Schleicher departs. We’ll certainly see him again.

So we’re now in the money and the prizewinners page will be updated with eliminations as and when we know them.

Some of the faces in the cash: Isabelle Mercier, Dave Ulliott, Surinder Sunar, Freddy Deeb, Josh Prager, Michel Abecassis, Vikash Dhorasoo, Ivo Donev and Ricardo Sousa. A special mention must go to Joao Barbosa, who has now cashed five times on this year’s EPT, including victory in Warsaw. That’s a fine record.


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