EPT Deauville: Au revoir, Pascal

January 20, 2009

The French poker veteran and EPT Vienna champion Pascal Perrault is out. “Thank-you, goodbye,” he said as he packed headphones into a neat case and made his way out of the tournament room. He had K-9 and was all in on a nine-high flop. His decent-stacked opponent hit his up and down straight draw on the river and Triple P was gone.

Also gone with Perrault was one of our pre-planned blog posts: about the longest-standing EPT champion. The young Swedish player Mats Iremark won in Deauville on season two, the last time the EPT visited this spot, in February 2006, meaning he has held his title for getting on for three years – approximately two years longer than most EPT defending champions. But Perrault has an even longer-standing record. He won in Vienna on season one, a tournament that took place in March 2005.

The EPT never returned to the Austrian capital; we decamped to Baden instead. Which means that Perrault was the first and only EPT Vienna champion, and he’s still waiting to defend his crown.


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