EPT Deauville: All together now

January 22, 2009

Nothing like a few all-ins to spice things up a bit. Our thanks to Andrea Piva, Mika Paasonen, Gino Alacqua, and Toni Ojala for their efforts.

First it was Andrea Piva, all-in against Marine Bondet de la Bernard, a name that should surely have the word “Countess” before it, who was ahead with queens. The two ladies failed to shine on one of their own, the crooked seven hitting on the flop to send Bernard to the rail. Then Mike Paasonen moved all-in. The fickle poker gods allowed the Finn’s pocket queens the mercy that Bernard’s were denied, standing up as expected against pocket eights.

He might not actually push all-in but Ricardo Sousa likes to make it seem that way, building a bet of several stumpy towers of different heights and colours and sliding them across the line “all-in style”. Only it’s not. By his cards there remain a few thousand in change held back for a kamikaze push should the big raise not work out. He ‘pushed’ once, with no takers, and then again with a similar result.

_MG_9247_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Ricardo Sousa

There was no “Sousa-Shove” for Gino Alacqua who committed everything he had in his finale to the event. El Diablo was short at the start of play, but burst out of the doldrums with an aces triple up this afternoon before performing a slow and steady spiral out of the tournament – his last ditch As-4s move ultimately defeated by the Qc-Td hand, hitting a queen on the flop.

Finally, to the sound of his own tribal table bashing, Carlos Ramos went out, busted by Toni Ojala whose A-J met another ace on the flop to beat Ramos’s pocket deuces. With just the river card to come Ramos banged repeatedly on the table (now standard practice in these critical stages) but could not summon a third deuce by voodoo, luck or courage. He’s out. The place is a lot quieter now.


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