EPT Copenhagen: Wrecking ball

February 20, 2009

The wrecking ball that is Anders Langset has gone clattering through its first victim today, bludgeoning Ola Brandborn to the rail in dramatic fashion. I’m unsure how the hand played out, but Brandborn was seen leaving a table on which the following board remained: [7H]-[9D]-[QH]-[8H]-[6S]. The [AH]-[JH] in front of Langset spelled nut flush, and Brandborn might have had either end of the straight, any set or any bluff. None would have been good enough.

_MG_1228_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Ola Brandborn

Brandborn started the day with 62,000 and they were only a couple of hands in. So that means that Langset is probably getting close to the 400,000 mark by now, and his table-mates — Frederik Hostrup, Eric Larcheveque, Toni Ojala, Tobias Garp and Petter Petersson — could be in trouble.


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