EPT Copenhagen: Who you calling fish?

February 19, 2010

There’s a lake opposite the SAS Radisson hotel, visible from any eastward window above the third floor. The lake is frozen of course; it’s been freezing cold and snowing here since about 1930, and the ice is covered by an inch or so of snow. It’s on this that some heroic fool sidled out at 4am last night to scrape the word “MAKRELLEN” onto the surface in large capital letters. I suppose capitals were easier to etch at night than anything lower case.

A quick Google, skipping past all references to lethal motorcycle gangs, translates “Makrellen” to mean “Mackerel”. Fish.

Maybe this night time adventurer harbours resentment, over three days of close inspection deciding that this word best summed up their opinion of the lunatic who took their chips yesterday. Or, perhaps it was someone still among the 76 survivors, issuing a written “come on then!” taunt to the other 75.


But it’s a mighty line up to incite, featuring many who have demonstrated excellence in poker

Chip leader Csaba Toth for one, who bagged up more than 560,000 last night. Fabian Gentile, who bluffed none other than Bertrand Grospellier on his way to a stack in excess of 400k, not to mention the likes of Nordic Poker Awards rookie of the year Kristoffer Thorsson and Roberto Romanello, the Welshman who began day two with 16,000 and finished it with 349,200.

They’re all back for what is an important day for anyone with bills and financial obligations. From the 76 just 56 will be paid. Then, with the accountant satisfied, the fight for places in the last 24 will begin in earnest, play stopping when three table remain.

By then we’ll know if Csaba Toth held on to that lead or whether a fresh faced player with wet shoes, yelling “I told you so”, commandeered that lead. It will all be here on the PokerStars Blog from start to finish, including photos, videos and regular, updated and accurate chip counts.

Writing it on ice seems the most impact rich way of getting your message out in these parts, so tonight we’ll endeavour to get that leader’s name Etch-A-Sketched onto the lake, once we persuade our trainee that the ice will support their weight, and after we hire a trainee.

Play begins at 2pm on the dot, or at whatever time after that deemed fit by organisers. Stand by.


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