It was like one of those Super Bowl highlight reel moments.

“You have ace king. You have ace-king. I don’t see you making that call with ace-queen…”

The highlight film will be in black and white with a hefty voice over talking about the tension, the close rail, the TV lights just a few feet away as a player calls his opponent’s hand. All that, and the face of PokerStars qualifier Tim Vance, standing almost enraged like someone was trying to make reality bend…


PokerStars qualifier Tim Vance

“I think you got ace-king! (Pedersen calls the clock) Okay I call! I have nines… ”

The camera shows a mess of chips in the middle. If you took the sound away we could have been watching Tim Vance yelling at Kristian Pedersen for bashing into the table and knocking over close to a million chips.
This was a pot worth 846k and Vance was about to win. Because standing there quietly, probably dreading this public moment of quiet silence of private hell, he had to turn over his ace-king.


Kristian Pedersen

Vance now has over 1.4 million. Pedersen went to an interview on the rail as the tournament ground to a halt, a bottle neck as the table was cleared of chips that would now sit in front of Tim Vance.

Copenhagen seems to seek out these slow-motion moments. The Mads Andersen, Edgar Skjervold ten hour final in season two – the Theo Jorgensen ‘aces’ hand in the final last year, and the mighty comeback of Magnus Petersson over Team PokerStars Pro ElkY Grospellier.

Now add to that Tim Vance calling his opponent’s hand. He walks around a lot, sings a bit, talks whether people listen or not, but we like him and that was one for the highlight reel…


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