EPT Copenhagen: Transition time

February 17, 2009

Laurence Houghton has a lot of chips. In this case “a lot” means more than 30,000, which puts him in the top five players during level five of day 1a.

Although the cash desks of live tournaments haven’t been troubled by Houghton as much as he would probably like, he’s hardly going to be concerned by that, mainly because the online cashiers have been doing overtime over the past couple of years to fund the account belonging to “rivermanl”. That, of course, belongs to Houghton.

Without question, Houghton is one of the United Kingdom’s most successful online players. Specialising in multi-table tournaments, he has taken down all of the biggest there are, including a Sunday second chance success for $55,000 and countless huge cashes across numerous other events.

We’ve begun to see a good deal more of Houghton on the EPT this year, and it’s only a matter of time until that sparkling online form translates to the live arena. He has made a superb start here; is this rivermanl’s time to shine?


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