EPT Copenhagen: The tournament within the tournament

February 20, 2009

Welcome to day three at EPT Copenhagen, the fourth day of competition after the double-tiered day one. In previous seasons of the European Poker Tour, we would already be home by now, the tournament would be wrapped and we would know our winner. These days, however, it feels as though the tournament has barely even begun.

Indeed, the press room this morning has filled with a fresh crop of journalists and technicians, who drove through snowy conditions through the night to arrive in time to prepare the live webcast of the final couple of days.

_MG_0038_Neil Stoddart.jpg
The EPT Live tour bus

You can tune in to EPTLive for action from our feature table, and keep an eye here on PokerStars blog for all the details, photographs and video blogs from across the entire tournament floor.

We begin today with 40 players across five tables, playing down to a final table of eight. The starting chip counts can be found right now on the chip counts page, which will be updated throughout the day. Likewise the prizewinners page will show details of all the eliminations as they happen, and the prizes the players will be taking home.

Everyone is now in the money, guaranteeing some kind of profit on their buy in. But it’s now a case of “How much?” and everyone will be eyeing the first prize of close to €900,000. The man flying highest at this stage is the young Norwegian Anders Langset, who leapt to the top of the chip ladder early yesterday and stayed there throughout.

_MG_1057_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Anders Langset

Langset begins today with more than 70,000 more chips than his closest rival, the Dane Rasmus Nielsen. Nielsen, however, has form at EPT Copenhagen: he finished fourth here last year and seems to have remained in the zone for a full 12 months.

Lurking further down the leaderboard are the likes of Peter Hedlund, Andreas Hoivold, Ramzi Jelassi and Martin Wendt, who have years of experience on the EPT. And then there’s Thor Hansen, who simply has years of experience in poker games all across the world and for longer than most of his adversaries have even been alive. He won his first World Series bracelet in 1988, a time before half the field here had even come squealing into this world.

It’s a day for players and supporters of all ages. Stay tuned.

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