Back from dinner. No time to waste and two players were out just minutes after the re-start. Martin Bjerring Hansen went first in 20th followed by charismatic Italian Gino Alacqua. PokerStars qualifier Runar Runarsson has also gone, exiting in 18th, despite appearing on the EPT Live screen in the background – first standing, then sitting, after a double up. Then 17th place went to Sigbjorn Mortueit of Norway.

That brought us to 16 players and another redraw which saw big Dutchman Ed de Haas shifted onto the feature table.

I bumped into Ed in the lobby a few days ago. The key word there is ‘bumped’.

“You’re the biggest man I’ve ever seen.” I said. I couldn’t help it – it was involuntarily, and Ed is six feet ten.

Even sitting down he was taller than me. But, Ed is one of those nice guys on the tour playing some of his best poker –poker that got him to this point, a move all-in that was called by Frenchman Nicolas Dervaux – himself short stacked. A-T for Ed, A-K for Nicolas, who caught a king on the flop to double up.


Ed de Haas

It left Ed with scraps which his big hands threw in a deal later. Again he found himself called by Nicolas. Even the hands were similar, just a rank lower, A-Q for Nicolas against Ed’s A-9. There was no joy this time round either and Ed de Haas is our 16th place finisher collecting DKK147,605.

Kara Scott caught up with Ed on his way to the bar…

The news continued to be bad for Holland when Joris Jaspers moved all-in soon after and had his A-T dominated by the A-Q of Johan Lund. Joris out in 15th place for DKK 147,605.


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