10.50pm — Players take a ten minute break.

10.45pm — The flop – 6-2-5. Check, check. The turn a seven. Check, check. The river a nine. Tim bets, Soren folds.

10.40pm — A few pots with a little more action, a hand won on the river with two pairs for Tim. He’s back in front with 2.4million to 2.1million in front of Soren.

10.30pm — A 380k pot develops on a board reading 2-T-8-9 with three clubs. It’s the biggest pot of the heads-up. Soren bets. Tim moves all-in. What’s this? That’s the expression on everyone’s lips. Soren starts an involuntary bobble head movement. Tim breaks into another Abbey Road great. He takes the pot with it.

10.25pm — Tim bets 280k after a lot of thought on a flop of 9-T-J. It’s a post flop bet – the first of the final it seems. “I like that bet” says Soren. Tim takes the pot.

10.21pm — Tim calls for an orange juice – a huge glass of it, full of ice – “Tell them American ice.”

10.20pm — A 180k pre-flop raise from Tim. Soren calls for a flop of 9-K-2. Tim checks blind, Soren checks behind him. The turn is an eight, more checking. The river a king, checked again. Tim wins the pot with a pair a nines that he didn’t notice he had.

10.15pm — A board reading 7-K-Q-2. Tim wonders if he’s ahead. Soren announces he needs a bath, going for his towel and wiping his face. Tim passes and Soren shows two pairs for the pot.

10.10pm — Blinds up to 25k/50k with a 5k ante.

10.02pm — Latest chip counts…

Tim Vance — 1.8million
Soren Jensen — 2.8million

10pm — Soren wins a pot… “Not everything is free here.” he says with the air of menace…

“What? Nothing is free here” replies Tim. “It’s the most expensive place I’ve ever been!”

9.55pm — A 120k raise from Tim pre-flop. He asks the dealer if he has put the right amount on the table. She confirms. Here comes the re-raise from Soren – the first time this has happened since the heads up began. It’s 220k to call for Tim. Tim mucks. Soren shows his pocket kings.

9.45pm — Two hands come, a raise and a call pre-flop only to be checked down to the showdown. Soren took the last one.

9.38pm — A full verse of ‘Lovely Rita’ from Tim.

9.32pm — Tim raises pre-flop – 90k. Both players sit with one arm draped over the table. Soren sips beer, Tim sips coffee. Soren mucks. He still has 2.7million to Tim’s 1.8million.

9.30pm – Soren wins a murmur of a pot with a pair when a jack hits the flop.

9.25pm — The two players hug. Tim says “Let’s roll…” Thomas Kremser says shuffle up and deal… Tim asks for the cards to be shuffled having come back from a break. Thomas obliges. We’re underway… blinds 20k/40k with a 4k ante.

9.20pm — Heads up ready. The chips counts are as follows…

Tim Vance — PokerStars qualifier — USA — 2,125,000
Soren Jensen — Denmark — 2,475,000

9.15pm – There’s a pause in the action as the chips are set up on the table – Tim’s at one end, Soren’s at the other. To say the two characters of this final are now playing heads-up is a wreckless understatement and anyone watching on EPT Live should be prepared to spend time watching an empty table as both players go for walks around the stage. Heads up action is about to start…

9.10pm – Magnus Hansen is eliminated in third place for DKK2,045,381 or €274,425
On a flop of Ts-4h-9h Magnus raises, Soren moves all-in causing Magnus to look again. Soren meanwhile goes for a walk raising questions of one rule for him, one rule for Tim. He returns. Goes off again and comes back.

Magnus calls.

Soren shows 9-4 for two pairs. For Marcus T-6 and he’ll need help. The turn, the five of hearts, gives Magnus a flush draw and 14 outs, but none hit on the river – seven of spades.

The testosterone in Soren materialises as a kiss on a rail with his brother. From a distance it’s like a lunatic has been set loose and officials are scurrying around trying to re-attach his restraints. But he’s happy, and why not. He’s heads up for an EPT crown.


Third place finisher Magnus Hansen

8.50pm — The level ends and players take a ten minute break.

8.45pm — Latest chip counts…

Tim Vance – PokerStars qualifier – USA – 2,037,000
Soren Jensen – Denmark – 1,485,000
Magnus Hansen – Denmark – 1,076,000

8.30pm – Tim bets 83k. Almost immediately Soren re-raises 200k. “Do you have a pair sir?” asks Tim. “If you ain’t got a pair you’re beat – at this point…”

“It’s up to you to decide” replies Soren.

Tim asks for permission to stand – like permission to speak at a court martial from the chief officer. He asks for a count – a count of his own chips…


PokerStars qualifier and chip leader Tim Vance

“Ace queen, ace-king? He’s played fairly solid every time I’ve seen him.” This is coming live from the inside of Tim’s head. It’s 172k to call. “I got a pair, I don’t know if I can lay down. I can afford a call – let’s see what difference a call makes…” He calls.

The flop comes J-5-K. Soren looks mean and tough. He pats the table to check. Tim does the same. And again on the jack turn – again on the five river.

“I play the board”, says Tim turning over pocket threes.

“Soren man!” yells Soren, our first indication he’s won the pot. I missed his cards but his kicker is higher than a three. He hugs a man who’s screaming back at him on the rail. Only a fool would get between them.

“Nice hand sir…”

8.20pm – Rasmus Hede Nielsen eliminated in fourth place for DKK1,560,394 or €209,355
There’s a raise from Rasmus and Tim re-raises 350k. The singing starts from Tim and Rasmus says ‘call’. Then he rests his head on the side of the table like he’s about to have a car crash. The flop – 9-7-J rainbow. Tim looks at Rasmus still awaiting impact and says “all-in”.

“I call”.

“You got a winner man, good call.”

Rasmus shows pocket eights; A-Q for Tim.

“Ahh well…”

The turn is a jack, pairing the board. Tim then called for some luck for just the second time in the tournament – and got it. An ace on the river. Rasmus out, Tim now past the 2 million mark.

8.10pm — Tim makes it 73k. Magnus calls for a flop of 7-K-6 with two hearts. Magnus checks and in the course of things says he has trip sevens. Tim makes it 160k, not entirely confident, and Magnus moves all-in.

Now Tim asks to stand, realises he’s not allowed but does so anyway. The voice in his head starts talking out loud. We’re in his head looking for an empty spot to sit down and listen.

“God I wished I‘d played with you earlier than just here. It’s a hell of a move man. I need a count.”

He gets his count. He’s already said he has a king and bursts into a version of Lovely Rita. Magnus sits deadly still, staring at a small spot some distance away.

“Do you want me to call?” asks Tim without reply. “You better move around if you want me to call.” Still no word. “You fold you show me?

Silence… Tim mucks. “Nice hand. I need my cappuccino after that…”

8.02pm — Tim Vance says “I think I’m going to have to get me a cappuccino otherwise I might fall asleep.” Meanwhile there’s a raise from Magnus which Rasmus calls. The flop brings an interesting looking 3h-Js-Qs which leads Magnus to make it 100k. Good for the pot.

8pm – Rasmus raises to 85k which is immediately re-raised to 280k by Soren Jensen. Rasmus is having none of it and mucks.

7.50pm — You might have your own opinions of how the remaining four players are performing, no doubt some people might think they could do a better job. There is a more calculated way of winning as the video blog team examine…

7.40pm – Daniel Ryan eliminated in fifth place for DKK1,286,270 or €172,576
Danny Ryan moves all-in and is called almost unnoticed by Rasmus Nielsen. Suddenly it’s A-Q of spades against A-K and Rasmus ahead. An ace on the turn but blanks otherwise and no sign of the spades to bail the PokerStars qualifier out. Four players remain.

7.30pm — “Got a real hand?” This is Tim Vance in the big blind with Rasmus raising from the small.

“I’m raising your big blind of course I have a hand.”

“I’ll just call.” Says Tim.

The flop comes – 9-5-8 rainbow. Rasmus bets 120k, a quick arm move dragging a tower of chips onto the table. Tim folds and Rasmus shows him pocket jacks.

7.25pm – Back from the slightly extended break. Blinds are now 12k/24k with a 2k ante.


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