EPT Copenhagen: Swings and slides

February 19, 2009

As the exodus of players continues — an exodus, incidentally, that now includes Noah Boeken in its number — there are some huge pots also developing as the big stacks clash. No sooner is Allan Baekke immortalised on PokerStars blog, for example, than he’s shipping a huge chunk of his chips to Ramzi Jelassi, the Swedish EPT stalwart.

After some three-way, pre-flop action Jelassi three-bet shoved on a 10-high flop, one player folded what he later claimed to be jacks, but Baekke called with pocket queens. Jelassi was attempting to buy it with A-K and was looking at the exit. But the king spiked on the river to give the Swede the 105,000 pot. Baekke survives, but is not as dominant as he once was.

On another table, another familiar face from EPTs past, Dennis Plejdrup, was all in with two red tens. He was up against A-J and a bigger stack, but flopped a ten and was never in danger. Plejdrup, who used to qualify for EPT events for fun on PokerStars but who made a last-minute decision to himself in here, is now sitting with a fighting-weight stack of about 55,000.

_MG_0698_EPT5SCA_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Dennis Plejdrup

That, however, is something like a quarter of our probable chip leader’s pile. The unassuming figure of Anders Langset has anything but an unassuming chip tower, weighing in at close to 200,000.

We’re currently searching around for details of Boeken’s elimination, by the way. He’s missing from the tournament floor but we didn’t see him go. That leaves only Luca Pagano in the Team PokerStars Pro livery today.


Better news for William Reynolds, the PokerStars players from Sioux City, Iowa. He remains in the hunt, which will please the video blog team because they interviewed him earlier:

Watch EPT Copenhagen S5: William Reynolds Day 2 (English) on PokerStars.tv


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