EPT Copenhagen: Reading from the same page

February 17, 2009

It had the same effect as a wrecking ball. With one swing everything within its path was brushed aside. A short pause for it to be hoisted back before it was unleashed on another target with the same effect, then again and again until nothing was left standing to get in the way.

That’s a pretty accurate account of Albert Iversen’s last 15 minutes, seeing off no fewer than three players in half a dozen hands to boost his stack to more than 60,000.

A simple ace-four started the sequence, no elimination but an additional 14K to the Iversen stack, purloined from Petter Pettersson. Then, with 6,000 in the pot and a board already reading [6H]-[8C]-[JH]-[5C], the player in seat four raised to 5,400. At this stage it was just another big pot featuring the Dane, but when he called and hit a [QH] on the river he called the seat four’s all-in within a heartbeat.

“You have the flush?” asked his opponent fearing the worst. Iversen did, the nut one, [AH]-[7H]. A few involuntary noises of disappointment later and the table was short a man.

Pull the wrecking ball back and then let it go again…

The next player moved in with A-5 only to be called by Iversen who’d found A-K. Smash. Two players gone. Make that three.

Perhaps thinking the Iversen storm had died down and couldn’t destroy anything else, the seat one player pushed in from the button. The action was back on Iversen who was showing no sign of folding.

By now it was if a script had been passed around and everyone had learned their lines. Iversen called, showing [AH]-[9H], to the “whoa!” of everyone at the table. The script had called for drama so naturally the all-in player showed [AC]-[8D]. Whether Iversen was cast as the villain or the all conquering hero was open to debate but there was little doubt in the mind of at least one player who saw him as the Lex Luther of poker before busting out, the final nail in the coffin being the nine on the turn.

Sometimes you can’t account for what you see taking place in front of you but it doesn’t stop you trying. In search of a logical explanation one onlooker got closest…

“It’s like he’s from outer space or something.”


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