With the feature table available live on EPT Live I tried to get an idea of what was going on over on table one, a few feet away, so I watched a round of hands with about 200 railbirds.


PokerStars qualifier Daniel Ryan

Hand 1 — I got there just as PokerStars qualifier Danny Ryan was scooping up a big pile of blue chips taken from Tim Vance’s mighty pile. Whilst he was stacking chips he sipped coffee from a class and the button passed to him. Despite losing the hand Tim Vance is busy telling Ryan a story, a long one, one about crime and the police. I think there was gunfire. It was a good one. Even as the action gets to him he finishes the story before checking his cards – cards he mucks.


PokerStars qualifier Tim Vance

It’s on Tommy Pavlicek now who calls the big blind for a flop of 3-5-8. They check for a queen on the turn. Patrick Andersen bets, Pavlicek re-raises, pushing his chips in as Andersen folds.

Just then on the feature table double WSOP bracelet winner Jan Sorensen is eliminated in 13th place…

Hand 2 – With the button on Tommy Pavlicek there’s an under-the-gun raise from Kristian Pedersen. He gets no action.

Hand 3 – With the button on Patrick Andersson now, bedecked in a green tie, there’s a noise in the distance – an “Argh… (thud).” Putting that aside action is folded to Jarle Aasen in seat two, who bets 50k and takes the pot.

Hand 4 – The button is on Haasen and again action finds its way to the button player. He mucks too giving a walk to Tim Vance.

Hand 5 – With the button on Kristian Pedersen the action makes its way to him. He takes out a few brown chips. This suggests looming action and people move a little closer on the rail. They’re already standing on the shoulders of players but they were right about the action – Pedersen makes it 45k.

Tim Vance plays with his cards, talks to Danny Ryan – the two are still chatting – the only talkers at this otherwise tense table. Vance mucks “I don’t know how to bluff…”

Ryan looks at his cards, his long arms hanging over the table. When you look at Danny Ran you have to concede that the ugly stick clearly missed him and hit everyone standing behind. “I raise to 100,000” he says. Pedersen bounces forwards in his chair, carefully removes a pair of expensive sunglasses and looks over at Danny. It’ll be close to his entire stack to call.


Pedersen shows aces, the last thing Ryan expected to see. His face changes from chipper to something more painful in the drop of two cards. He can only manage K-T. He awaits his face and picks at his beard.


Kristian Pedersen stands, sipping water in his time of triumph as Danny Ryan’s chips are stacked and gift wrapped at the other end of the table. Ryan just lost 460k. Suddenly he has work to do.

Hand 6 – Ryan gets started right away. If he has a ‘zone’ he needs to be in it. The action is folded to Vance on the button who mucks. Ryan moves all-in causing PokerStars qualifier Tommy Pavlicek to laugh – he’d seen this coming. Tommy has his hand in his hair and is talking out loud to himself.

Whilst Tommy thinks Tim goes walking off again, this time onto the stage to watch a hand is being played and check a few stacks… “I guess I’m gonna have to start playing…”


PokerStars qualifier Tommy Pavlicek

Tommy is still thinking and Ryan is singing to himself, fiddling with his iPod headphones. Tommy eventually calls with J-6. Danny has pocket nines – they hold. The fight back starts here for the American. Pavlicek, still in good spirit, slides half his stack over to him.

The button gets back to Danny. A full round done, another ready to start. 12 players remain.


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