EPT Copenhagen: No hold up for Hostrup

February 17, 2009

A flurry of activity in level five, summed up by the simple but effective statement – more chips to some, less for others.

With the temperature outside a nippy 28 degrees there’s little reason to rush from the confines of the Radisson hotel, but with blinds at 150-300 it’s not just the weather outside that is biting.

Luca Pagano just delivered the coup de grace over a sombre looking player at his table, banishing him to the rail after calling his all-in move with pocket eights with his own ace-king. It adds to the drama to wait until the river and this hand was no disappointment, the king landing on Fifth Street to add to the Pagano fortunes.

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Then Patric Martenssen was witness to the dark side of a flop. He pushed in with [KC]-[3C] and matched a king on the flop. But those same three cards also delivered an ace, good to match the one his opponent held and it was all over for the Swede.

Frederik Hostrup then took his turn to shove, a mighty 25K monolith of black, green and red chips that had Tuomas Karppinen thinking about the call for some time. Laurence Houghton also had cards at this point, but while he folded his A-Q, Karppinen went all-in, covered by Hostrup, meaning it was ultimately a decision that would cost him his tournament life. While Karppinen had pocket sevens Hostrup showed pocket tens. Nothing to help either on the board (except for the queen to match Houghton’s now folded queen) and only Hostrup lives to tell the tale.


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