EPT Copenhagen: No better place to be

February 17, 2010

First the scene outside.

Despite zero degree temperatures and unforgiving winds Copenhageners venture outdoors. Scarves up to the teeth perhaps, woolly hats down to the eyes for sure, and their noses in the middle red to the wind. But they ride their bicycles with determination, no doubt off to somewhere both youthful and healthy.

Then there’s the scene inside.

An even 22 degrees, the folks arriving at Casino Copenhagen currently queuing to register for day 1b will only venture outdoors for cigarettes and hot dogs from the service station across the road, and only then if they can’t persuade someone else to go for them.


Outside, from inside

But while this lot may be the exact opposite – indoor people, preferring taxis and tobacco to push bikes and protein shakes, their objective today is much more invigorating, more likely to get the blood flowing body parts prone to freeze if left dangling in the wind for too long. An adrenaline packed, burger fuelled ten hours awaits, dotted with caffeine, cigarette breaks and a lobby beer to finish. This is their natural environment.

Among them will be the notables, absent yesterday. Among them the Team PokerStars Pros William Thorson, Noah Boeken, local boy Peter Eastgate, Luca Pagano, Sebastian Ruthenberg and Anders Berg of Team PokerStars Online.

They’ll be joined by the likes of Juha Helppi, Marc Goodwin, Ramzi Jelassi, Max Lykov, Jesper Hougaard and recent Nordic rookie of the year award winner, Kristoffer Thorson.

We start at 2pm but that’s likely to be a little optimistic. Regardless, the PokerStars Blog will have all the action from the first shuffle to the last hand. For one thing it’s what we do. For another, it’s too cold to do anything else.

Stand by.


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