EPT Copenhagen: Making 24 look like eight

February 20, 2010


And so we enter the closing straight.

Four days ago, 423 players arrived to Casino Copenhagen to comprise what is commonly regarded to be the toughest EPT field of the season. There were major established champions mingling with internet sensations mixed in with the best “local” players on the whole tour.

Now 399 of them have departed and we have our final 24. But what do you know, there are major established champions, mingling with internet sensations and still a good smattering of the best “local” players on the whole tour.


Tournament room

The full list of remaining players, and what they’re playing with, is over on the chip count page, and it’s also available in table draw order over there on the seat draw page.

All eyes go naturally to the top, where the British duo of Roberto Romanello and Andrew Teng are the only two players with more than a million chips. As detailed in yesterday’s wrap up, Romanello battled food poisoning as well as the rest of the field to emerge as our leader.


Roberto Romanello

For Teng, things were significantly more comfortable. Known as “tufat” online, Teng went to the discussion forums last night to update his followers on his progress, telling them he had enjoyed a full day of “hitting sets and stuff everywhere”, flopping the nuts and making good on his promise to final table two EPT events, winning one, within the coming two years. That’s a bold boast, but he’s well set to make good on some of it today.


Andrew Teng

Skimming further down the list, the name standing out like a luscious Danish pastry in the late-night dreams of the starving is that of Peter Eastgate, former World Champion, Team PokerStars Pro, and inarguably one of the greatest contemporary tournament poker players. He has already made two final tables this season – he was second in London and eighth in Deauville – and a third is very much a possibility today.


Peter Eastgate

Stick with it today. We need to squeeze these last 24 into a final table of eight. You can can watch all the action at EPT Live. Enjoy it.


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