EPT Copenhagen: Level 25 updates

February 21, 2009

This post shows updates from level 24 of EPT Copenhagen, updated on a regular basis. The blinds are 20,000-40,000 with a 3,000 ante. Updates are brought to you by Stephen Bartley and Howard Swains.

You can find the most recent official chip count on the chip-count page. Prizewinners to date are on the prizewinners page. Today we will play down to a winner.

6.46pm — Jens Kyllonen is the new EPT Copenhagen champion, earning €878,057
Full details to follow soon.

6.45pm — Peter Hedlund, Sweden, out in second, earning €497,069
This may be the exact opposite final table as that of 12 months ago. Hedlund raised pre-flop to 220,000. Kyllonen re-raised all in and Hedlund insta-called. [AS]-[JH] for Hedlund, [JS]-[JC] for Kyllonen. As the two players stood with an arm around each others shoulder the board ran out [9S]-[8H]-[5S]-[KC]-[QC]. That did it. Hedlund in second, Kyllonen the new EPT Copenhagen champion.

6.35pm — We go on…
While it shows no signs of being the check-check marathon heads-up of last year there’s no question the pace of the final has slowed as Hedlund and Kyllonen lock horns. Hands pass with pre-flop bets enough, with the occasional flop thrown in. The main feature of the room, apart from the table of golden beers, is Anders Langset pacing the room happilly talking on the phone, passing on his news. We may yet see the dinner break.

6.20pm — A lot of folding pre-flop
A lot of folding pre-flop.

6.15pm — Mine’s a pint
A tray full of beers has arrived, filling a table. It’s from Peter Hedlund looking to sway the support on the rail in his favour. It’s working.

6.10pm — Six high
Kyllonen wins the first head up pot, a quiet affair, after a small bet on the flop. A few hands later Kyllonen made it 120,000 pre-flop which Hedlund called for a flop of [QH]-[AD]-[2H]. Hedlund checked. Kyllonen went to his stack and made it 175,000 before Hedlund immediately moved all in. Kyllonen was forced to pass as Hedlund showed his 6-3.

6.05pm — Heads up
We are now heads up, and the players return from a five-minute breather to find the following stacks:

Jens Kyllönen – 3,508,000
Peter Hedlund – 1,154,000

5.55pm — Anders Langset, Norway, out in third, earning €288,717
Langset made it 120,000 from the button which Kyllonen called for a flop of [JS]-[9S]-[QS]. Kyllonen checked. Langset made it 200,000 which again Kyllonen called. With a turn card [7S] the money went in, Kyllonen checking before Langset moved all-in. Kyllonen called at light speed, showing the nut flush, [AS]-[8S]. Langset could only manage a [4S]. The river was an irrelevant jack. Langset out.

Anders Langset

5.50pm — Double up for Kyllönen
The first hand of the new level is a massive one for Jens Kyllönen and might yet go a long way to determining the winner of this tournament. The Finn takes [KD]-[QH] up against Anders Langset’s 8-8, all in pre-flop. The two players embrace as they see the [9D]-[6D]-[4H] flop, which changes nothing. The [3D]on the turn gives Kyllönen plenty of outs — he can now hit any diamond or any of the remaining kings or queens — and the [QD] fills both roles. Kyllönen wins the two-million-plus pot and becomes the chip leader.

5.45pm — New level
And now, as the world continues to turn on its axis, we have a new level. It’s the last before dinner.


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