EPT Copenhagen: Level 22 updates

February 21, 2009

This post shows updates from level 22 of EPT Copenhagen, updated on a regular basis. The blinds are 8,000-16,000 with a 2,000 ante. Updates are brought to you by Stephen Bartley and Howard Swains.

You can find the most recent official chip count on the chip-count page. Prizewinners to date are on the prizewinners page. Today we will play down to a winner.

3.20pm — End of level
A difficult level, in which two players were eliminated and the internet died, finishes with the chip counts as follows:

Anders Langset, 1,600,000
Rasmus Nielsen, 600,000
Jussi Nevanlinna, 730,000
Petter Petersson, 400,000
Peter Hedlund, 750,000
Jens Kyllönen, 450,000

3.10pm — Small confrontations
Jens Kyllönen raises back to back pots and takes the blinds of the two chip leaders, Langset and Nielsen. Then Jussi Nevanlinna and Peter Hedlund get involved in a battle of the blinds, which might have turned nasty. Nevanlinna bets out on a flop of [8D]-[6C]-[9S] and Hedlund folds A-Q face up. Nevanlinna shows pocket eights for flopped top set and takes down a small pot.

3pm — Eric Larcheveque, France, eliminated in seventh place, earning €113,106
Well, it doesn’t come much more emphatic than that. Eric Larcheveque gets it all in pre-flop against Rasmus Nielsen. Nielsen has 2-2 and Larcheveque [KC]-[QH], but the flop is a brutal 2-2-J, giving quads to Nielsen. Larcheveque departs and Nielsen earns some back.

Eric Lacheveque

2.55pm — Critical issues
Thanks largely, I suspect, to the success of EPT Live we have had some critical internet issues here in Copenhagen and are struggling to post at the moment. But the major news from the past half hour is that Anders Langset took a pot of about 700,000 from Rasmus Nielsen when his [5H]-[6H] hit a six on the river to beat Nielsen’s 5-5. Then this…

2.20pm — Shove, take
Jens Kyllönen moves all in from the small blind over a mid position opener. This time it’s good. Remember, you can watch the action over at EPT Live

2.12pm — Jonas Klausen, from Denmark, eliminated in eighth place for €80,364
Strap yourself in – another all-in comes on the second hand. Jonas Klausen shoved for 240,000 with [7H]-[7C] and he’s called by Peter Hedlund with [AH]-[AD]. The flop came [5C]-[QC]-[TD] and the turn card [TC] gave Klausen a flush draw and the crowd some early drama. He hit the flush on the river but the [AC] also gave Hedlund a full house, sending Klausen to the rail.

Jonas Klausen

2.10pm — No wasting time…
First hand and an all-in. Nevanlinna made a pre-flop bet of 42,000 before Kyllonen on the small blind pushed in for 362,000. A simple fold for Nevanlinna and we’re underway.


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