EPT Copenhagen: Level 20 updates

February 20, 2009

This post shows updates from level 19 of EPT Copenhagen, updated on a regular basis. The blinds are 5,000-10,000 with a 1,000 ante. Updates are brought to you by Stephen Bartley and Howard Swains.

You can find the most recent official chip count on the chip-count page. Prizewinners to date are on the prizewinners page. Today we will play down to a final table of eight.

Last updated: 9.50pm

9.50pm — Nine pins
We are down to nine players, having just lost Tom Johansen, yet another victim of Rasmus “Steamroller” Nielsen. The huge stack raised to 24,000 from the button and Johansen called from the big blind. The flop was [7H]-[JD]-[QD] and both players check. The turn was the [6S] and Johansen checked, which invited Nielsen to bet 27,000. Johansen raised to 60,000. Call. The turn was the [QH] and Johansen announced all in for 181,000. Nielsen had to think a while but then rolled in a stack of blue chips for the call. Johansen showed J-4 for a pair of jacks to go with the paired queens on the board. Nielsen showed J-9 for the same two pairs but a crucial nine kicker that played. Johansen is done.

9.40pm — Saxin out for the count
Christian Saxin is out, although it wasn’t straight forward. He made it 25K under the gun and Navanlinna moved all-in with pocket eights. Saxin called with A-K and hand was underway with a board of Q-4-5-6-2. That didn’t end it though…

“Sorry man, I have you covered…” said Navanlinna, before walking away from the table.

The floor person and dealer counted the debt, assuming Saxin was covered but it seemed Saxin had about 60K left. This didn’t make Navanlinna very happy, returning to see Saxin alive before demanding a recount. This was done as Saxin awaited his fate, discovering that his glimmer of hope was gone. The recount sending him to the rail.

9.35pm — Chips
Official counts are coming at the end of the level, but in the meantime, these are pretty close to accurate:

Rasmus Nielsen 1,100,000
Anders Langset 840,000
Petter Petterson 506,600
Jens Kyllönen 420,000
Christian Saxin 380,000
Eric Larcheveque 340,000
Jonas Klausen 329,000
Peter Hedlund 302,000
Mikael Lundell 280,000
Tom Johansen 231,000
Jussi Nevanlinna 223,000

9.30pm — Hoivold hounded out
Well, the search for the first two-time EPT champion continues. Andreas Hoivold has taken his leave in a textbook 7-4 v 5-3 battle. Gotta love these Scandis. The [7D]-[4D] were in the hands of Rasmus Nielsen and he must have loved the flop of [6C]-[5S]-[8C]. All the money went in then, with Hoivold hoping to double his short stack with bottom pair. He made trips on the turn when another five came, but he missed his full house outs on the river and was gone.

9.27pm — Fold, fold, fold.. all-in
Eric Larcheveque has laboured under the short stack all day – all tournament as one observer said. But he’s still here and his prognosis is a lot better after he doubled up with aces through Anders Langset with A-K.

9.20pm — Aston’s ashes
Michael Aston, the PokerStars qualifier from England, has just been sent back there by Jussi Nevanlinna. Aston lost a load of chips to Mikael Lundell earlier and was the short stack, of about 150,000, when he moved all in pre-flop from early position. It was folded to Nevanlinna who squeezed his cards, thought for a long long time, squeezed his cards again, asked for a count, and then made what looked like an agonising call. This, however, was all an act to try to get the big stack of Anders Langset involved. Nevanlinna actually had aces, which he showed the minute Langset insta-mucked. Aston was in very bad shape and although he picked up a flush draw, it wasn’t good enough. The aces held up. Down to 12.

_MG_1582_EPT5SCA_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Aston out

9.12pm — Checking
Hardly a massive pot but it’s typical of the caginess on the feature table. Rasmus Nielsen takes nothing more than the blinds on a 5-9-6-J-7 board checked all the way. His hand 5-3 was enough.

9.05pm — Hedlund heading up
Peter Hedlund got his final 140,000 in pre-flop against the table bully Rasmus Nielsen. Nielsen has 8-8 and NHedlund Kh-Qh. Nielsen has been on fire in the coin flips today, but not this time. The queen comes on the turn and the eight does not appear on the river. Nielsen is back up to close to 300,000 and that’s the first notable chunk to leave Nielsen’s stack.

9pm — Larcheveque doubles
The lone remaining Frenchman among the Nordics (and one Brit) has just doubled up. Eric Larcheveque got it all in against Anders Langset with [AD]-[JS]. Langset had [AS]-[9S]. The all in was about 120,000 and Langset had already raised a pot-committing amount. The flop ran out only in favour of Larcheveque and he’s now back in the hunt.

8.56pm — Pot to Rasmus
Rasmus Nielsen takes a pot against Petter Petersson. On a board of [9H]-[AH]-[9D]-[4H]-[8C] which was checked to the river, Petersson made a small bet of 15,000 holding A-6 which Nielsen called, showing 6-8, taking it down.

8.50pm — Ante-ing up a buy in
We have 13 players remaining at the start of level 20. We’ve reached that moment when a big blind is now the equivalent of a starting stack at the beginning of the tournament. Five players will depart before we find our final tableists.


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