EPT Copenhagen: Level 19 updates

February 20, 2009

This post shows updates from level 19 of EPT Copenhagen, updated on a regular basis. The blinds are 4,000-8,000 with a 1,000 ante. Updates are brought to you by Stephen Bartley and Howard Swains.

You can find the most recent official chip count on the chip-count page. Prizewinners to date are on the prizewinners page. Today we will play down to a final table of eight.

8.40pm — Saxin doesn’t speak
On the last hand of the level Christian Saxin made a standard bet of 20,000. Navanlinna looked at his cards and raised to 52,000. It was just the two of them, and Saxin moved all-in, taking the trouble to move his 300,000 forward tower by tower. Navanlinna didn’t take long to fold.

8.35pm — Hoivold speaks
Andreas Hoivold is the latest player to attempt the so-far unattainable. Through five seasons of the EPT, we have never crowned a two-time champion, but with 13 left here in Denmark, Hoivold still has the chance to change that. He spoke to our video bloggers earlier:

Watch EPT Copenhagen S5: Andreas Hoivold Day 3 (English) on PokerStars.tv

8.20pm — Kyllonen lied to
Jussi Nevanlinna and Jens Kyllonen just tangled in a pot, Nevanlinna emerging the better for it. The board was checked to the river, [7H]-[QS]-[10C]-[6C]-[5D] when Nevanlinna made it 40,000. Kyllonen wanted to call but couldn’t bring himself to do it and mucked instead, being shown the [AH]-[9H] bluff.

8pm: Boberg bounced
Fredrik Boberg and Anders Langset have been going at it all day, with the young Norwegian probably having the run of it. That, ultimately, is how the record books will have it because Langset has just accounted for his Swedish adversary, in a hand that you can’t really expect either of them to have got away from.

_MG_1571_EPT5SCA_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Fredrik Boberg

Langset raised from mid position to 30,000 and Boberg called from the small blind. The flop came [JH]-[4D]-[3D] and Boberg check-raised all in after Langset put out the continuation bet of 60,000. He’d been doing that pretty much every time he’s raised pre-flop, and there was something of the whiff of a trap to Boberg’s move. Langset put his head in his hands, asking for a count of the all in (about 200,000), before eventually announcing call. Boberg seemed happy and flipped pocket queens, which was ahead of Langet’s [AD]-[10D]. That, though, was a pretty big draw and the [JD] on the turn filled the flush. The river bricked and Boberg was gone.

7.57pm — Van Til leaves us
Johan Van Til falls next, all in with pocket sevens against the [AS]-[KS] of Jonas Klausen. Van Til looked good until the ace on the turn.

7.55pm — Lundell, the God of Roar
Mikael Lundell, a fearsome looking presence at any poker table, just pushed in. The action was folded to Michael Aston who was going to call, but not before applauding the eliminated Erik Karlsson on the other table.

_MG_1610_EPT5SCA_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Mikael Lundell

“I’m going to make a very bad call” said the Englishman, turning over [AC]-[JC]. It turned out to be not that bad at all, with Lundell turning over Kd-Qc and needing help. He got it on a board of [JD]-[5S]-[9S]-[6D]-[10D]. When the river hit Lundell yelled loud enough to rattle the bones of Canute the Great, landing a straight to keep him alive. Aston down to 140,000.

7.50pm — Karlsson kommitted. Katastrophe
Erik Karlsson is out in 16th. He made a pretty standard all in push from the button with his short stack of 54,000. Tom Johansen, the other short stack, dwelled for a while but then called with [AH]-[3S]. Karlosson was in trouble with [KD]-[7S] and although he picked up a diamond draw it never came, and he’s gone.

7.45pm — Reminders
Don’t forget that you can get the latest chip counts on the chip count page. They were updated at the break. Also try to remember that the feature table action is available up close and personal on EPT Live. And the only excuse for forgetting either of those two things is if the knowledge is pushed out of your brain by remembering Joe Hachem’s appeal on behalf of the Australian bush-fire victims. That’s way more important than any of this.

7.40pm — Nourished
Players have returned from the dinner break and they are now settling in for the long haul to decide our final table. As the shufflers shuffle, why not take a look at a couple of video blogs. The first comes from the British player Michael Ashton, who is still deep in the mix here in Copenhagen. The second comes from Ramzi Jelassi, who isn’t.

Watch EPT Copenhagen S5: Michael Aston (English) on PokerStars.tv

Watch EPT Copenhagen S5: Ramzi Jelassi on PokerStars.tv


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