EPT Copenhagen: I will survive

February 17, 2009

Mikael Lundell first came to poker journalists’ attention in Barcelona last summer where he made the “pseudo” final table of the first EPT event of the year, busting in ninth, one place away from the “official” final table of eight players. It’s not as though he really needed the television time, however; Lundell had had plenty of that when he won “Expedition Robinson 2004”, the Swedish version of “Survivor”.

Since then, he’s continued his poker career and is back in the pack for the title at EPT Copenhagen. This particular adventure might have ended at around the mid-point of level three, when Jan Sorensen moved all in with four cards already showing: [7S]-[JS]-[KD]-[3C]. There was also already about 15,000 in the middle.

Lundell had a decision for his tournament life, but eventually called and showed only a draw [9S]-[10S]. Sorensen flipped [KS]-[QC]. Lundell got up, slung his bag over his shoulder and was ready to make his way home. But the river was the [8H], one of his numerous outs, and Lundell had done again what he does best: survived. He now has more than 20,000.

On the same table, but with significantly fewer chips, is Luca Pagano, who was also facing a decision for all his chips moments ago. Clayton Maguire made it 400 to play, Pagano made it 1,200 from the button, and Maguire moved in for his final 4,000-odd. He had Pagano covered, and the Italian asked: “Do you have a pair? A small pair? Would you be happy if I called?” Maguire’s answer was quiet, if not inaudible, but Pagano had seen enough. He mucked [AC]-[QD] face up and lived to fight another day.

At this stage, our probably chip leader is Orjan Skommo, the young Norwegian who has something like 33,000. The final number of players from today, incidentally was 225. With another similar number tomorrow, we’ll be looking at a final field of more than 450, which will get somewhere close (and probably beyond) last year’s 460, a record for an EPT in Scandinavia.

Credit crunch? Pah.


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